Should Gitmo be Used for Those Who Raped and Pillaged our Economy?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Jagger, Feb 26, 2009.

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    Should Gitmo be Used for Those Who Raped and Pillaged our Economy?

    Years ago, reporters for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer are reporting this week, the FBI knew that home mortgage scams were being perpetrated by banks all across the country. They told the Bush Administration, and were denied agents or resources to pursue their cases.

    Two years ago then-New York Governor Elliot Spitzer tried to prosecute banks – along with governors or attorneys general of all 50 states – for just these types of crimes and the Bush administration used an obscure Civil War era law to stop him.

    Today we learn that the very hustlers who helped destroy our economy, the so-called “investment bankers” at Morgan Stanley and AIG (who have gotten billions of our taxpayer dollars in the recent bailouts) will be getting their bonuses this year, to the tune of $1.13 million in cash for the 400 brokers at AIG.

    But while they should be denied their bonuses, the criminals for whom we should re-open Gitmo are Phil Gramm, John Boner, and the other Republicans who changed laws reaching back to the Republican Great Depression of the 1930s to prevent exactly these types of scams.

    Reopen Gitmo! Get it ready for the Republicans!
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    What a terrific Idea!! A thread to share fantasty style stories.
  3. Baba gounj

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    Great idea, Jagger.
    Let's send all those tax cheats there too.
    Along with their illegal messiah.
    But I think the Cubans might get some what upset that we are dumping all our unworthy upon them.
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    When I read the headline my first thought was Gitmo is not large enough to house every democrat.
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    No it should be left open to torture those liberal terrorist bastards.:wink2:
    Economic terrorism is just as bad.
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    Lets open a new place , somewhere no one wants to live. We have plenty of places like that; an island off Alaska , the desert, or maybe the deep woods. Just build a small area for the guards, and tell the prisoners that they would be responsible for themselves; no cells,no showers, no food. If they want to survive they would have to build & grow their own camp. Sure most would automatically try to escape but nature would quickly stop them; harsh weather, flesh eating animals, lack of area knowledge.
    By putting those economics terrorists with real bomb throwers would be interesting to watch.