Should hourly employees make more then P/T sups if they have the same seniority?

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by Upser10yrs, Oct 20, 2010.

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    I have an issue with this. I have been an employee at UPS for ten years and I know for a fact that if I wouldve stayed an hourly employee i would be making atleast $5 dollars an hour. Some hourlys that work for me know that that they make more money then I do. Who can I talk to to resolve this issue? At our hub such a concern is considered taboo.
  2. Upser10yrs

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    i got promoted after working at ups for 2 yrs..that was seven yrs ago...i have had virtually no raises since then...can anyone explain to me how i know if im being unfairly paid? Its kinda hard to think not..My numbers are good..I hold my people accountable and Im there EVERY day..never had any issues.. But yet I dont seem to be getting paid fair... i mean lets compare....10 yrs at ups...7 as a supervisor and currently $1400 a month who thinks thats unfair?
  3. Upser10yrs

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    or can anyone explain to me..the starting pay rate for P/T sups...and how is thier annual raises supposed to work? I know somebody can help me out here in this active forum?

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    If what you are saying is true, then someone doesn't think much of you as a sup. Day one employees that get promoted as a supervisor start out at 1400 a month..

    Next thing. The part time supervisor position is a stepping stone. It is a five year position. It's not intended to be a job that you keep your whole career. If you do plan on keeping it your whole career you will never be rich..
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    This forum is mostly drivers, and they're all making deliveries right now. Wait till around 7 pm. I don't know anything about PT Sup rates, they don't tell us that kind of stuff.
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    (Psst...don't tell my boss that I am home watching the baseball game right now.)
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    the management starting pay scale goes up every year.......... $1400 sounds low but i guess it depends on what part of the country you are in...
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    Not trying to be harsh but it sounds like your job performance is not very well.
    One of the primary differences between Union and Management is that management raises are based on performance and "length of service" has very little or nothing to do with it.

    You need to talk with your F/T Sup and/or Mgr and if you are not satisfied, go to HR.

    Good luck.
  9. User Name

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    Just checked my pay from 2004 and was making 740 bi weekly so it sounds to me like you might be getting short changed.
  10. UnsurePost

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    Sounds to me like he/she is getting what they deserve. PT is an undesirable position; years of it is frankly, pretty sad. They want young, hungry, ignorant blood; not lifers who see the position for what it is.
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    No you shouldn't be getting paid the same as a UNION employee that just how it works just like us Drivers don't get paid the same as are SUP's. You thought that the grass was GREENER on the otherside well it ISN'T. You been with at ups 10 yrs and you don't know anything about the your pay scale ???? That's is unbelievable and might give you some insight on why you are not getting paid more.

    I would have to guess that your payrate has been some how influenced by your job performance if you stayed in the union you have been guaranteed raises.
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    Please, be serious. As a 6 month part timer I saw PT sups being yelled at for things out of their control by upper management. VERY VERY RED, RED FLAG. I know my rights as a union employee and have seen UPS upper management lie to me with a straight face. This is within my first year as a UPS employee.

    You took the job and had no idea you would be dealing with crap? Hey, you deserve what you get. Most sups are promoted because they are at best mediocre at their jobs. (yes I said most) My present PT sup was a good loader but absolutely sucked at misloads. 5 per week would be a good week for him.

    I knew my payscale 20 something years ago. $8 to start and roughly 50 cents per year therafter, forever. You jumped 5 years ahead in pay to put union employees down, so what's your complaint????? You don't know your own payscale????
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    You don't even make 5 bucks an hour? :greedy:
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    I say quit your bitching! Sups don't do :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: half the time and get paid far more than they are worth.

    At my hub new sups make 14.50 an hour and get paid 27.5 hour or if they work over 27.5 they get paid for that too. That's about 400$ a week, for mostly standing around.
    Under the old contract hourlies make 8.5 and you might get 15-25 hours depending on shift. That's around 200$ a week, for manual labor.
    It would take over 10 years for an hourly to make more than a sup. I did some rough math and the pay difference is over 50K in the first 5 years. You know what I could do with 50K?!? I probably wouldn't have back problems being a sup because I only help around peak or if I'm feeling spry.

    You have been babied enough. Being a sup at UPS is like F'ing welfare, paid for not working. And it comes out of hourly pockets.
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    If you havent noticed, supervision at UPS is not where the money is, but is for those that do not want to do hard manual labor. Most drivers earn more per year than their on car supes make, Especially when factoring in healthcare/ benefits.
    also, i hope you already have/or will come to terms with the fact that your pt supe position will very likely be the last/only job you will have at UPS. If not, use the tuition reimbursement and get a good degree and make due with the excellent resume builder UPS has for the PT supervision position. DO NOT MAKE LIFE PLANS ON BECOMING ANYTHING MORE AT BIG BROWN. Chances are very slim to none, unless your well liked and show promise to upper management you can do very well if promoted.
  17. bleedinbrown58

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    You guys notice that the original post is almost three years old?? lol
  18. PT Car Washer

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    Yes, but is more relevant today. Even more so when applied to FT sups.
  19. Gazelle

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    If sups don't do anything then do you suggest we just get rid of them all?
  20. airops

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    A good supervisor is worth more than you think. You would know this if you have worked for both a good one and a poor one. We will continue to get what we pay for. Which equates to worse management skills which will equal higher costs. UPS is the only company in the world that rewards it's mgmt less than its hourlies. Might have a lot to do with union vs non union. Mgmt is looked upon as a liability just like everyone else. The idea of partners is DEAD.