Should I be concerned?

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    I ruptured a disc in my back in nov of 2009. Due to the awesome team work of work comp and ups, I just had surgery on 3/4/2010. The surgeon ups/work comp sent me to said that I would be out for another 6 months to a year, depending on how I heal and what not. Ups and work comp have booth said no problem, just get healthy then come back to work. So, should I be concerned? I had this same surgery in 2006 and was only out for 6 weeks. The work comp laws may have changed reguarding this type of injury/surgery, but I cant find that information anywhere. It was L5/S1 disc and they did a discectomy. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    How long you are out after the surgery really depends on your own bodies recovery time.
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    Do you have an attorney? What are you concered about? Are you concered about getting fired or lossing workman comp ? Call your HR person they should be able to all the information your need. THEY CAN'T FIRE YOU unless they catch you do manual labor like puttinga roof on your house.

    I wouldn't worry to much about it you should be fine just take your time and make sure your back heals as much as it can.
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    Is there some reason you couldn't opt for the new less invasive surgery?
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    How many years do you have at UPS? Whatever you do; if it comes to it; don't take their bullsh buyout. We have a driver that has been on comp and dis for over 10 years. He still shows up on the seniority list. I think it is a court battle determining comp or dis. Anyhow; he is probably getting close to 30 years seniority. Maybe he is holding on for the 30 and out.

    I would not want to trade places with him for anything. He had the surgery thru his chest area to get the discs fused or taken out from his back. ouch
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    UPS will go out of their way to throw you under a bus.
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    In the Southern Conference you have to have a certain amount of days worked per year to gain retirement credit, the chance of getting to 30 and out is (while on comp) none.

    If you don't have a lawyer that specializes in W/C, get one TODAY. You can't afford not to.

    Iworkasdirected, I thought discectomy was the less intrusive surgery.
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    Come on ups is a very Christian and family friendly company you know they always do the right thing for us teamsters.
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    As you know I am on comp now with a herniated disc also. I was cut off 3 weeks ago while I was th the hospital whith my sick son, we was in there for a week. I called and left messages with my case contact regulary, twice a week. She never answwered or returned my calls. The checks stopped coming so I kept calling, finally got a hold of her. She said that UPS made a complaint that I was working a part time job.

    OK the job is a clerical job, no lifting involved well within my restrcitions and UPS was aware of the job. I have had it for more than 2 years, the doctors new about it. UPs put me out on comp, I still had TAW days left, it was not my choice. I went to my own DR. after I was put on comp, the restrcitions that I had at the time were UPS's dr.s. She at no time contacted me to discuss it before cutting me off or even sent me a letter.

    I told her that if she likes I caould go on comp for that job also and she could pay me 66 and 2/3rds of my last year earnings from that. She started giving me the run around, so I gave her to 1030 am tuesday to have my money at my house or I ws getting an attorney. Well I got me an attorney and he just called Liberty Mutual has to send me my bak pay out today, thats over $3,000 that they owe me now and for what? To play a game? I have 3 kids and bills to pay, but now with an attorney they will have to issue me a settlement, they are their own worse enemies!
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    Damn Red, just what you needed on top of having a sick child to deal with. It sounds like the best move you made was to contact a lawyer. Things are looking up. Good for you.

    I see Liberty Mutual ads on TV all the time and I cringe everytime they are on. Just thinking about all the stress and heartache they have caused is enough to make me sick. :angry:
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    I hope your son is doing better.
    Damn shame you are having to go through such a stupid *** rodeo.


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    Ummm, my mircro-disectomy was very non-invasive, using the metrix system, was his done another way? If so, I would have been asking why. I am also a L5S1 disectomy recipient. I was back to work 4 weeks after surgery. I had a great doctor. Maybe his guy was a hack. Maybe his doctor isn't telling him something.