Should I be worry?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Siveriano, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. Siveriano

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    So after being on Center C for 4 weeks, yesterday center manager of Center C told me i was going back to my Center(B), so I went there did the first and only route they trained me on but I came back at 2120 to the center. So this morning the manager asked me what happened, I told him I was kinda of messy in the morning because the 2000 shelf was all over the truck and the center of the truck was blocked with 8000 boxes but yet after my lunch I managed to do 97 stops from 1630 to 2100 which is a bit over 20 stops per hour. Then i got told by the center manager that he has guys who have not done a route for over a year but then he give it to them they scratch. Didnt knew what to said so i just stayed quiet. But I did noticed my book was in the center manager desk, but he didnt told me why. so this morning the center manager of center B told the SUP to send me to Center C again because i was Whining.

    So my question is. Now that I am in as a perm. should i worry about the numbers(scratch) or just focus on do my job. Because on Center C i was doing 55+ last 4 weeks and the center manager was happy with me, he told me again about being transfer.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    Just do your best and try to do be a better driver everyday.
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  3. Siveriano

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    yeah thats what im trying. i really dont know what happened yesterday. i had done the route before, but i guess is was one of those so called bad days.

    I'm also highly considering being transfer as on Center B they have 12 cover drivers but center C only have 6.

    CHALLY9TX Active Member

    Don't worry about managements numbers. If they give you crap just tell them you're doing your best.
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  5. alwaysoverallowed

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    When I get compared to other drivers I remind managment that not every horse can win the derby.
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  6. clean hairy

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    When told Joe Blow does the work faster/better than me, I tell them "If you have not noticed, I am not Joe Blow, I am me doing the job by the methods. Sorry I am not a clone of Joe Blow"
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    Yeah thats on Center B, Center C really dont care. in Fact the 4 weeks i had been on Center C, I already know 3 routes on different towns. Center B only trained me on one and never sent me to do any others. center manager for Center C was like "Do you have a map?... yes ok you will be fine make sure to call me if you have more than 20 stops and 13 hours on the clock."
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  9. jumpman23

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    You never bring today into tomorrows mindstate. Everyday is a new day and no 2 days are ever the same. Too many factors everyday for 2 days to ever be the same.
  10. brownmonster

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    Should I be worry?
  11. DumbTruckDriver

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    The only number that should matter to you is the one next to the $.
  12. superballs63

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    No, but you should be WORRIED.
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  13. oldngray

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  14. tacken

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    Just tell him you are working safe. And if he would like you to work unsafe, just put in righting and sign it. Yeah its all about the cash at UPS.....
  15. retiredTxfeeder

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    I would try and get everything in righting, alright. That's a gud ideal. I wouldn't worried about it if I wear you.
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  16. icu

    icu for who you are !

    Sup - What happened yesterday ?

    Me - Had a great day, thanks for asking.

    Turn and walk away....especially if your not on clock. After start time, get a steward.
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  17. rod

    rod retired and happy

    Is that guy still working? The one they always say is a delivering God. He's been around since the beginning of UPS and will still be there on the day the doors close for good. No one has ever met him face to face but according to management he is perfect.
  18. brownmvp

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    Lol like Marshawn Lynch
  19. Dr.Brown

    Dr.Brown Swollen Member

    *throws Skittles in the air*
  20. Siveriano

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    Well. The center manager at center C got me the transfer form today. He said it wont matter if I have not yet been a year as permanent. Hope is truth, way better work environment and haven't hear the term clicks or over since started helping them.