Should I become a Wellness Champion??

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    recently, during an individual audit, I was told that I had the aptitude for my warehouses (Wellness Champion) position,

    I was told a little regarding what the title meant and what would be expected of me,

    however, I would like to gain insight from others to see if this is a good idea.

    Anyone one who knows more about this subject or can answer my questions, your help is greatly appreciated,

    Is this a paid position?
    if so how many hours might I be able to add?

    Can someone reach a higher level in the HR department of UPS by maintaining this job?

    What are the safety meetings like?

    Do Wellness Champions get picked on by other employees?

    thanks for your help
  2. cino321

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    What the hell is a wellness champion?
  3. over9five

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    ​Is it like a safety co-chair? If so, do you want to be the laughing stock of the center?
  4. UPS Preloader

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    Wellness champions are typically not voted upon as usually no one wants to do it, so the first one that volunteers is it. From what I recall, the Wellness Champion's primary responsibility is to educate the union members through safety demonstrations. You are supposed to be paid for your time, but very often they expect you to do the research on your own time which is why our safety champion refused to give demonstrations. If they weren't going to pay him to put the demonstrations together he wasn't going to do it. For that and other reasons, all of the safety committee members have since resigned and dissolved the committee in our building.
  5. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    It's the UPS version of the teachers pet whose job is to tell other hourlies what to do with their lives. They should get used to hearing "pack sand" in reply.
  6. sortaisle

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    Wellness champions and the Safety Co-Chair are not the same thing...they're distant cousins at best. The wellness champions job is to educate employees on living healthier. It's basically a personal trainer/dietician thing...only very remedial. You'll get paid by the hour. It may add 2 or 3 hours to your week. If you plan on going into a managerial position at UPS or at another company then this will look pretty good on a resume. Most people would blow you off at the front door when you try to chat with them. If you're more worried about what people think of you than if it's a good career move then don't do it. If it's a good career move, who cares if the jaded UPS folk blow you off. You're still getting paid.
  7. Richard Harrow

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    Don't waste your time. They'll want you to preach to everyone about how to live healthy on a Monday, then invite you to a preload BBQ on Tuesday and tell you to go ahead and down a few greasy hamburgers at 8:00 AM.
  8. Michael Collins

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    Wellness Champions should receive an UPS email account and access to the Wellness Programs. It is not a glorious job, but if you care about folks naturally, it can be worthwhile. You would be responsible for informing folks on the FREE and CLEAR smoking cessation programs and the Solutions program, as well as distribute monthly health material. Each month has a focus on a certain health issue and the importance of being proactive by taking care of yourself. (ie... High Blood Pressure, diabetes, Cancer awareness....) You will have access to fliers and set up blood drives or have blood pressure screenings in you area.
  9. UPS Preloader

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    It was more like 2-3 minutes in our building... Once a week, a brief speech or demonstration immediately after break.
  10. hurricanegunner

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    Many years ago, when I was a part timer, UPS came up with the brilliant idea of "empowered employees." After spending several months yakking about it and trying to implement it, it was finally left for dead. Sooner or later, this will too.
  11. sortaisle

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    Our wellness guy has to be there early to catch the setup people and the sorters and unloaders. He gets an extra 15-20 minutes a day. Not to mention the meetings with the wellness/safety sup. Usually 30-40 minutes.
  12. cosmo1

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    In my building, the 'wellness champion' was the buzzkill who would every now and then give a sermon about avoiding the finer things in life.

    You know, beer, red meat on the grill and unprotected sex.:funny:
  13. Gumby

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  14. soberups

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    If you are the type of person who enjoyed being a hall Monitor in grade school, you will succeed as a Wellness Champion.

    It is basically a warm-and-fuzzy feel good position that is an adjunct to the Safety Committee. You hand out brochures and read PCM's concerning high blood pressure, proper diet, stress reduction etc.

    I recall a day about 2 years ago when our building was getting absolutely hammered by a ridiculous and impossible Stops Per Car mandate. We had drivers running out of DOT hours in August. We had drivers bringing 50-100 missed stops back to the building at 10:00 at night. We had entire pickup routes getting missed for days or even weeks at a time because the routes assigned to them were getting cut out in order to generate the SPC metric. Our center paid out over $65,000 in over-9.5 grievances that summer, and there were multiple management people in each center who went out on stress leave in order to keep from getting fired or going insane. Rather than, say, confront the company about the stressful and unsafe work enviornment that was being created or the obvious health risks associated with being forced to work 60 hour weeks in 100-degree weather....our "wellness committee" stood by the door one morning each week and handed out bananas.

    To answer your question; if you just want some easy overtime, I would say go for it as long as you can accept the fact that nothing you do as a "wellness champion" will actually matter.
  15. Indecisi0n

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    Do it for the extra cash.
  16. jaker

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    The better question is why did they pick you
  17. Anonymous 10

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    Don't do it. You will be a dork.
  18. Gumby

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    Hey 407....Last call!!Do you need a cold one?
  19. cachsux

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    How much $$$ is worth the loss of respect?
  20. Gumby

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    Just ask your Sup . They shouldn't have a hard time answering that question!!