Should I file a grievance

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Todd Shaw, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. Todd Shaw

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    Signed and won a bid in June for a FT driver job. Wasn’t sent to Intergrad until end of August been 6 weeks and I’m still on pre-load. No one has even gave me a hint when I’ll hit the road? I read in a previous post per contract I should be in my new position in 30 days. What would a grievance do? Put a target on my back or help me?
  2. CoffeeStainedUniform

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    Talk to Stewart
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  3. Daf

    Daf Active Member

    You need to find out if someone who started after you is out on road before you or if supervisors are running routes. If the work is there and you are being denied then it is fair to grieve it. As far as retaliation goes that is grievable too. Kind of depends on how much of an ass your center manager is.
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  5. Baba gounj

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    As always you are right on point.
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  6. Analbumcover

    Analbumcover ControlPkgs

    Talk to your union steward. It took me 4 months between when I won the FT bid and when I actually went out to qualify.
  7. cosmo1

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    Actually, Todd, you should change your username to something anonymous.
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  8. Todd Shaw

    Todd Shaw New Member

  9. cosmo1

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    So you're a racist.
  10. Maple Grove MN Driver

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    @Todd Shaw I talked to your center manager and he said you are fired.
  11. Two Tokes

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    Yes you should file, stop being a wus and they won't treat you like one
    Why in the hell are you using your name rookie