Should I leave USPS for UPS?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Michigan, May 17, 2013.

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    I work at USPS as a mail carrier and my hourly rate is $16.25/hr... it was $22.15/hr but it dropped... I get around 45-50 hours a week

    UPS emailed me about a Pre-Loader position
    I know the hours is like 20 a week at around 10/hr?

    I'm 21 so that's cool.. I stay with mom and pay no bills.... I eventually would like to become a driver.

    Is Pre-Loader a step for driver? if so I'll quit USPS even though I will miss the money I'll just keep going to school until I get seniority for driver

    Or should I wait for a driver position to open on the website? Thanks! I'm looking to be a driver in Detroit btw.
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    i would in a heart beat, look at the path the post office is want a long, secure career come to ups!...your young and nows the time to make the switch.
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    The grass is always greener....
  4. 1. The grass is not greener on the other side.
    2. You have to look at the entire package (wages, other benefits incl. pension, future of USPS vs. UPS)
    3. Once you have all your facts together, then you can make an educated guess.
    4. A preload position is the entry point for a possible driver's position, but there is no guarantee.
    5. A preload position is not guaranteed when you apply, but it depends on your ambitions and expectations as well as results achieved during your "initial" period with UPS. You do not become an "instant" driver. You have to earn this in a very hard way.
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    I'd stay with the USPS. That :censored2:s gonna be Monday through Friday soon. If you make the cut you can walk around delivering mail and jamming to your iPod. There a lot of music out there to listen to. The possibilitys are endlesssssssssssssssssssssssss.
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    Of your two options, I would pick brown over blue.
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    It still has to be mowed, raked, and watered.
  9. AlwaysChafed

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    You might wait forever depending where you are located.
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    I couldn't help but notice that "using my degree" was not one of your options. Why are you going to school if you have no plans to use your degree?
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    ​And smoked.
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    I know what you are doing now that you are retired.
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    Whatzat Man?
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    Pass it around!!
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    STAY! STAY! STAY!!!!! as far away from UPS as you POSSIBLY CAN!..........UNLESS you don't mind being interrogated DAILY on why you backed into this driveway or that, why you were in the back of your truck selecting a package for 21 seconds, instead of the 16 allowed, why you backed here or there, why you chose this route to the delivery point rather than that, why you backed to a dock when you only picked up 2 packages(ignoring the FACT that you have NO IDEA how many pkgs. will be shipped on ANY given day), why you ran .40 late according to THEIR calculations(by a computer), why you stopped here and there without a delivery(i.e. taking a piss in the ditch in a rural area - ACTUAL QUESTION posed! & ACTUAL answer given!), AND to top it ALL off YOU are "CHARGED" with an accident when some dip-:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:! backs out of their driveway into your UPS Truck without looking. THAT is YOUR fault for not parking in a safe place!& EVERY incident is referred to as a "Crash" -including getting stuck in a driveway with snow, mud, or whatever else you run into on your route. RUN!! -DON'T WALK as FAR away from this Co. as you can.! I would GLADLY take $5 cut in pay for them to JUST leave me alone to make their billions!! As for the current contract, "NO Harassment relief -NO is my vote!!"
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  17. AlwaysChafed

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    True not false.
  18. AlwaysChafed

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    It really depends on your supe. But most are bad.
  19. TooTechie

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    I think it is 12 lol. So sad.
  20. Emphasis on the word LONG