Should I quit my truck driving job and start fresh at ups? I'm 21.


Let’s get back
What if...

One 18yr old transports from hub to state line.

One 18yr old transports from hub to state line.

Same line.

But opposite sides.

Two different 18yr olds.

They stop just shy of crossing.


Hand toss the load across the border to be self loaded.

Sounds complicated.


Definitely legal.

And doable.

Helping with legal line skirting suggestions.
Read my mind brother


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Read my mind brother


You want a toe? I can get you a toe.
Yes. It’s not a job description.
Boss- Hey we need to take that load down the road, but stop at the Delaware border and drop the trailer so the guy from Delaware can grab it since you’re both 19.
Me- Sure.
I forget you guys can drive through 3 states in 100 miles out East lol


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Is that Fedex Ground you are working for ? Id say get as many miles under your belt as you can get comfortable w/ doubles in any setting and stack some cash before u come on over. Depends on the hub u could be working a lot of hours or little to none as a new feeder