should i report chest pains during work as an injury?

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  1. For about 2 weeks now ive been having slight chest pain while doing deliveries. told ctr mngr who told me to seek help from my PCP. i have not been able to get in to see my doctor yet but what if he tells me i need to take a week or two off. i cant take the hit to my wallet and this only happens while exhurting myself at work. my workload has increased in the last 6-8 months from 130-140 stops per day to 170-190. should i make my manager treat this as an injury as i feel it is work related?
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    Get to a doctor asap!!! I've had two triple bypass surgeries and thank God I'm alive today. You'll really take a hit to your wallet if your not around to enjoy it.
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    Yep, report it as a possible work injury. Might only be a muscle strain due to the over work. (hopefully) They jacked up everyone's stop count! Mine went up 20-40 too. Good luck and tell us what you did.
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    How big a hit to your wallet will death be?
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    yes! please do.

    if you have a family or if your life means anything to you, you will. about 3 weeks ago unfortunately a fellow brother died of a heart attack while on route in the seat of his package car.

    prior to that though early in the day. he messaged the center that he was sick and needed to be relieved. management told him to work through it.

    your case sounds exactly like the brother we just lost minus him having prior chest pain signals. he too had an increase of stops per day. i dont know how ur handling it. but i know for him having that extra work stressed him out. along with management giving him a hard time because he was always asking for driver help.

    so dont chance it brother. just let this be a lesson. if u feel like the pain as gotten more serious. dont hesitate dial 9-1-1, and God Bless.


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    Call in sick tomorrow and get your butt to your doctor.

    It's only cardboard...

    Scratch that....

    Go now
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    If you can't get in to see your doctor, go to the ER. Chest pains are nothing to be trifled with. Go NOW!!
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    Hope his family is seeking litigation.
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    You could suffer from an inflamed upper intestine caused by drinking to many caffeine rich fluids during the day. Both caffeine and alcohol are diuretics thus purging your intestines of much needed water. Gas bubbles from the inflamed area rise into your chest cavity mimicking heart trouble. The added work load probably has you drinking caffeine late in the day to stay alert and safe. You don't have to cut out caffeine, just drink a little more water. And over time, you'll lose the chest pain. But don't procrastinate on this one. See a Doc.
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    as far as i know. the wife he left behind is. a lot of the drivers here are furious about how UPS handled everything. a few have reached out to her about how he was treated and hopes she goes all the way with it. many if not all feel like the production increase is unsustainable and is out of control. with all the all the add cuts, cut drivers, etc etc.

    as i said a lot of us are hoping she goes all the way with it. some here have suggest UPS will probably try to wash their hands and settle out of court. who knows their probably right.

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    try tums or rolaids helps me deal with the extra stops
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    Oops, did I say that out loud?
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    Frank Zappa?
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    Get your chest pain looked at. They will run test`s and keep you overnight. When I had chest pains 4 years ago that is what they did to me, in my case it was indigestion. Of course this would NOT be considered a work related injury!
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    Why are you even asking a chat board about cardboard if you need a Dr. ??? Hello....chest pains !!! And what kind of Dr. do you have that wont see you ASAP or tell you to get to E.R asap !!!!!!! I think something sounds fishy here !!!!
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    Maybe he's from Canada and can't see the doctor for 6 months for his chest pains.....
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    No, no, no, the problem was the COST not the WAIT TIME. I'd rather wait 6 hours in a waiting room then pay $6000 for a medical bill, thanks.
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    That they will, but they'll get it figured out. I had chest pains a couple of years ago and they found out that my electrolytes were way low. It could be anything, but anything that gives chest pains needs to be checked out now....................NOW!!!

    This is not necessarily true. I'm sure a competent Dr could figure this out, though a comp Dr. may not.
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    "I'm not a doctor, but I play one on Brown Cafe...."

    Doctor 9Five