Should I Tell Management???

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by grgrcr88, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. grgrcr88

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    As I am looking thru the unread threads I continue to see questions about should I tell this or should I tell that.

    I would like to give some advice as a Union Steward.

    If you have to ask should I tell (Because your afraid it may get you in trouble), The answer is yes 99% of the time. This does not mean that management has to know everything you have done but I will say from experience you are way better of to be honest with them and get out in front of a potential problem than you will be if they find out on their own.

    Everyone screws up in life and in the job.The way you react to the screw up will determine your future with UPS. Every time someone tries to hide and cover up something it has ended bad for them in my experience.

    That being said, I would first go to your Shop Steward or Business Agent first and tell them what is going on. Get their advice and go to management together. You will get much more respect from management being upfront and honest I promise you!!!
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  2. scratch

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    Wise advice above, honesty usually works out better. I have seen many people fired over the years for unimportant things.
  3. ZQXC

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    Green Grocer, :wink2:
    nailed it with this post.
  4. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    I don't know how I feel about volunteering things to management...but if confronted or directly asked.....never, ever try to lie your way out of it. It will not end well.
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  5. ZQXC

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    Well, you got me there. I'm thinking, that doesn't sound like an UPState post
  6. Indecisi0n

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    I have secrets.
  7. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    Yes we know....
  8. joeboodog

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    When it comes to traffictickets it's better to err on the side of caution. It may annoy your sup to be bothered with trivial concerns but let them make the call on whether it is serious or not.
  9. oldngray

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    Yes we know...
  10. Ask your steward or ba (preferably your ba) first. It might be something that you need to just go " and never sin again". Volinteering anything can always be a slippery slope if you have sneaky, ruthless snd bad management.
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  11. 728ups

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    One thing i tell the younger drivers is that WHEN you knob something up no matter how bad the arse chewing will be it's always best to be completely open and upfront. UPS will forgive a stupid mistake but a whiff of an integrity issue will get you out the door so fast your head will spin
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  12. Future

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    2_flash.jpg yes we know
  13. BrownChoice

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    If your management team start asking questions.... They already know the truth and is indeed a test, to see your honesty!
  14. rocket man

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  15. rocket man

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    HI I think you should put your center and name . and tell your DRIVERS you enjoy talking to supervisors . your drivers will have have as much respect for you as sups do