Shouldn't I still my guaranteed pay?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by bleujade, Mar 18, 2009.

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    I am a ECS clerk, and recently my supervisor says that she has to make a certain amount of hours and that since I have less senority, that she has to send me home. Now her work in the Hub, and there isn't any. Am I still guaranteed my 3 1/2 hours regardeless? My supervisor says that she's not going to pay me 3 1/2 hours when she has to make her hours. HELP!!!
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    Talk to your union steward.
  3. evilleace

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    If they have you comein you are guaranteed 3.5 hrs worth of pay, also make sure she or the other sups are not working after they tell you to leave if they are then you need to file a grievance on it.
  4. gandydancer

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    And what kind of work is she doing BEFORE she tells you to leave? The company agrees in the contract that it is the job of supes to supervise, not do bargaining unit work. I don't know of any exception for ECS clerk work.
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    The supervisor is lying to you IF she says she does not have to pay you the hours. Yes, it is possible that SHE will send you to another part of the hub to make your hours and those minutes/hours will have to be charged to a different area (for her benefit). If you work 1 minute in the day, you get 3 1/2 hours unless you willingly go home. That is not a negotiable thing.

    So tell your sup you MUST HAVE at least 3.5 hours and will get them either willingly or forcefully because YOU ARE ENTITLED to your gaurantee no matter what. No need to get the union involved unless the supervsior or management gives you a hard time with it ( which they are instructed to do to EVERYONE that seemlingly doesn't know their rights)
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    due to the economic times, i was told that the union and ups agreed (and they can/ will change the agreements w/out notice) to pay employees 3.5hrs worth of work if work is availiable! if the workload can be covered by others, saving man hours is the way they opt for! because ups has no choice but to find ways to save revenue, ie. misloads, layoffs, new driver pay, or cutting hours.... then the union has to agree!!! remember, no ups = no union!!!!!!! it cant work in reverse! not to mention, many a grievances have already been filed over this but there is nothing the union can do!!!! keep this in mind, the union only takes your money, it doesnt put money in your pocket
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    You crazy Sith!!
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    Our ECS people are not union people. Is this the same at every centre?
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    no im a f/t union Ecs clerk.
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    It all depends if your union or not.

    If they ask if you want to go home and you been there less then 3 1/2 say no, you should bump the lowest guy in the building. IF you say yes that you will go home then your SOL.
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    its true tho :peaceful:
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    But the "others" you refer to have to be bargaining unit members, not supervisors.