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    Quick question. lets say you call in 20 times, but 10 of those were in 5 day blocks.( Dr note for each of those) Here is the question. Is that 20 occurrence or 12 occurrence? I was told it would be 12

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    1. Each group of days off is one occurence.
    2. Occurences are counted one year back from today. (IE- NOT by calendar year)
    3. Drs note does not void the occurence.
    4. You still have way too many.
  3. fedxsux

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    a little confussed so is this 12 call ins or 20?
  4. over9five

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    12 occurences.
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    so we get 9 so thatwould only be 3 over we are allowed
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    dude...not to be nosy but how in the world do you call in that many times a year... I may miss 2 or 3 days all year and i've probably played hooky on one or two of those.
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    We get none and thats how many I call in sick. I want to get paid when I am ill and worthless, and stay home when I can go fishing. I call that personal reasons....[​IMG]And I dont do that as much as most. But with the new and improved dispatch, everyone is doing it, so I see a change in work ethic on the horizon.
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    so whos up for a 4 day work week, with rotation.
    with "extra" drivers available, seems like it could work
  9. I`m like ptj I either gotta be really messed up or taking a day I need to stay sane
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    LOL! I have FMLA on file. The funny thing is that every time I had a fmla day they put me down as sick. he look on the the SUP when he found out I had FMLA was priceless..
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    thats diffrent
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    and who is this double_standard?
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    Looks like someone couldn`t sleep last night.
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    Trouble maker. Banned by Cheryl long ago.
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    You only have to call in once then then book back on the morning your coming back. You don't need to call in everyday if they are in a row. That is why you have to book back on so they know your coming back to work.
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    BOO!!!! Zombie Thread!