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  1. I know we got bigger problems. But is it really that serious if u don't bring a Drs note for calling in sick.. Seriously this guy made me feel like I was in HS or something. And yes I still have sick days left..
  2. jmeti000

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    I dont think you hafta bring in a Dr's note unless your out for more than three days. Might wanna check the policy manual sometimes changes with no meantion.
  3. ScubaEx

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    I banged in sick on a Friday this past summer and was told to bring a DR note (after 8yrs, I've never been asked before) because it was a Friday/Monday in the "summer months". Regardless I brought one in the following Monday and I was all good. Seems to be a station to station thing.
  4. Route 66

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    I can see asking this of an employee who makes a habit of banging in on Mondays/Fridays, but a shotgun approach for everyone?.....give me a break.

    This is exactly the type of "let's treat them all like naughty children" atmosphere that's been steadily eroding morale for quite some time. I remember when it wasn't that way (and somehow we managed to get the job done and still go home feeling good about ourselves).
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    If you have sicks, don't worry. That is why it's called sicks days.......You were sick.
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    if its friday just tell em you cant get an appt for the doc until monday so you will have to be out on monday as well..they probably wont ask you again
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    They're getting hurt really bad right now because of increased sick calls and reduced manning. Hello?? Whose fault is it that hours are being cut, routes left uncovered, and working conditions made worse than ever? MANAGEMENT....When you call-in, make it for at least 2 days if they want a note from your doctor.
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    Well :censored2: howdy!!!!!!!! Id be out sick monday too while I go get a dr. note. Also, get a note from mommy they ask-

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    So glad Im not there anymore....oh, deposited my 1400 dollar settlement check today!!
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    Good for you! Read it and weep Smith. Ha ha ha!
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    I'm not to familiar with the lawsuit. Who was eligible for a payout?
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    The note from Mommy has to be notarized.
  13. Lol.. Love this forum
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    Can you elaborate on this?