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    First off, I've been at UPS for less than a year so I'm aware I technically don't have any sick days.

    I became ill and had to call in sick for two days (Friday and Monday).

    1. I was told on the phone by my supervisor that I would need a doctors note when I return to work, is this true? For missing 2 days in a row?

    2. Is calling in on Friday+Monday any different than calling in on a Tuesday+Wednesday in terms of getting written up? I was reading one thread where someone mentioned that a Friday was technically 2 days instead of the usual one because it was at the end of the week.

    I've been here almost 7 months now and I've never called in sick before but I do have a target on my back and just want to get a quick rundown on what my rights are because I know they're gonna try to pull some :censored2: on me. Thanks.
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    You don't need a note. Talk to a shop steward if they try to harass you about it.
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    I believe you earn 1 sick day for every 3 months of employment in your 1st year. It's on your paystub along with the opt time as "other"
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    Read the sick leave section in your sort rider, if you are a part time employee. Now if you don't have a contract which is probably the case talk to your shop steward, part time or full time and have them show you the language. Sometimes you start earning sick days on a prorated basis after 6 months. It depends on the language in your contract. I would talk to your immediate supervisor and tell him you were really ill and couldn't work if you wanted to. This could remove the target you think is on your back. They've had a lot of guys use the Monday/Friday I'm sick before so to them it's like you better prove it kind of thing.
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    Friday is not 2 days. It is 1. And if you called in on Friday and Monday, that is only 1 ocurrence in my parts since it was consecutive days.

    You cannot be written up for calling in sick unless you exceed the limit. And you must first be given a verbal review if you have reached the limit before they can give you a warning letter.

    Where I'm at, 5 days in a nine month period could get you a verbal warning and then 6 in a nine month period can get you a warning letter.

    You only need a doctors note if you are off 3 days or more. The reason being is that most people won't see a doctor if they are sick for one or two days, but if it goes beyond that, UPS thinks that if you're that sick for that amount of time, that you need to see a doctor.

    And that is a good idea. But they just want to sure that you did not have the brown blues and take off to Florida for a few days and sit on the beach.
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    Eh, I never bring one in. If you went to the Doc then get one, if not screw it. You won't get fired for it. Just ask a Union Steward about it, make sure he is a good one, they usually like getting on their knees for management.
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    It's going to be pretty difficult for anyone to give you an accurate answer as every center/hub handles attendance differently.

    If you have fairly solid attendance (few lates, few call-ins, no "formal" documentation) then you don't really have anything to worry about. Since you don't have insurance coverage yet, that doctor's note could cost you $150+ for missing maybe $80 worth the pay.

    You may be written up or documented, but shouldn't really be concerned unless they try and ding you with a warning letter on the spot. Request your steward before you sign anything.
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    And there's this little law called HIPAA that says it's none of UPS' business
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    Just tell them you had an eye problem.

    You couldn't see yourself coming in.
  10. Number24

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    Talk to your steward if worst comes to worst.
  11. olroadbeech

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    wow. this question comes up once a week. did you do a search?

    I called in sick on Friday and they asked "who are you???'" ( last day was Tuesday )