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    I drive 30 miles to work everyday and bust my butt as a preloader,well tue I took the day off called in 1hr b4 start time and asked for the NIGHT off,and returned on wed.As i clocked in and started loading my truck the supervisor said,the boss allready has someone covering your pull,cause you didnt call in to state your return..can this be done even though I worked there for four years and never had to do this b4..and when I called out the night b4 and asked for the NIGHT off not a couple days the NIGHT.isnt that clear..
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    This is called "booking off/booking on" and requires you call to let them know that you will be returning to work. We don't do it this way in my center. We call in for one day at a time and do not have to call prior to returning to work. If we are going to be out for more than one day we have to call each day unless we have a medical note which states how many days we will be off.

    For example, I used my last sick day yesterday as a scheduled day off. Normally I would return to work today but unfortunately I am now on funeral leave so I will not be back to work until Monday. I do not have to call Monday morning to "book on"--I just report to work as scheduled.

    Did your sup do the right thing and find work for you or did they send you home?
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    If you call in one morning, you have to call in the next morning to book back on. Yes, some people may not "have" to, but those are company favorites or deal-makers. To everyone else, you have to follow the protocal.

    What you SHOULD do (given your boss gave you a hard time about this apparently), is get together with a union steward in the next week or so and CHECK your employee file to make certain that your supervisor did not put you in as a "no call, no show". This is a problem in our region, where they will use this case in future discipline if it ever arises. Also, this book off- book on would count as ONE sick/absence occurance, not two; so make certain that this is only one instance.

    Your best bet- enjoy today off, call in tomorrow AM before your start time and BOOK ON. Then in coming days, check your employee file w/ union rep there. You might be surprised what's in there.
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    That is not the way that it works in my center, whether for the "favorites" or the "Joe Unions". If we call in sick today it is expected that we will back to work the following day unless we call in. We don't book off/book on. Different franchise, different rules.
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    Yes, you called in for THE NIGHT OFF. Not I'm gonna be off for a whlie and I'll let you know when I'm coming back I've never hear of such a thing as what you're boss is trying to pull. It's a power move on his part to try and get you to not call off anymore.
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    upstate, sorry for your loss.

    We don't do the book on/off deal at our center. If we're sick we call in and just show up the next day unless we're still sick.

    I always call in the next day anyway to check start time. It changes frequently so being late would add a second occurance.