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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by hiatt21, Jun 14, 2007.

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    I am a pt loader. I went to work yesterday sick I don't know if I have food poison or a virus but I figured I could tough it out because I just started a month ago. Anyway, as I am finishing a trailer I get mad sick and blow chunks between the trailer and the building on the trucks plastic part. So my sup asks if I want to stay or leave and I felt it coming out the other end so i had to leave. Now today I am feeling the after math and sure as heck am not putting my body through a nights work. Are belt is already short and I hate it for the other guys. I am kind of embarrassed:punk:, I havent got sick since I been working I don't want folks to think I am a wimp. Never called in before and not sure the how to get the number. Will I still have a job when I return Friday?
    Thanks in advance
  2. scratch

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    While most of us go to work with colds and stuff like that, when you have it coming out of both ends, thats legit. I wouldn't worry about it. When you threw up at work, you proved you weren't faking it.
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    you should have the phone #,but you dion't. if you left early it is a book off. like you called in sick.the supe knopws this,and saw the are new and they will understand.most ups buildings are desperate for help.just show up the next day and explain the situation.get the ph # for future problems and put it in your cell right away.don't make a habit of calling in . i'm sure you will get through this being new:thumbup1:
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    You got your 30 days in???

    You made the effort to come into work while you were sick. The important thing is when you show up to work the next day - You feel well...

    Work smart... It's not about being a wimp... It's about working SAFE... Your actions/judement may put yourself and others at risk.

    It's getting warmer out there so stay hydrated - watch what you eat and drink before work...

    Your Supe saw you get sick and they understand... If you call in make sure you give plenty of notice so they can have your job covered...
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    If you feel well enough to go in before your shift. Go in the office ask for the phone number...Leave a note for your supervisor and call in to make sure they got your note...That way you went above and beyond...As a part time sup. I might think a no call, no show means you don't want to work at UPS anymore.:wink:
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    Your sense of personal pride and teamwork is commendable. If you're that sick then scratch. Your attendance will be judged by your overall record not one event.see if there are any phone numbers on the back of your id card. Or call whatever number you had to contact HR when you were hired. Or send me a private message with your building info and I will get you the phone number.
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    The phone # to call in might be on the back of your ID card. It's on the back of mine...
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    Thanks for the replies. I didn't get an id card?
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    That's ok, I think 90% of the people in my building don't have an I.D. card...
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    Dude sick is sick stay home let momma doctor you and feel far as a wimp i would be pi$$ed if you came to work and spread those germs:thumbup1: BC (not Bing Crosby):blushing:
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    The only no no would be not calling in (no call no show). Call in and tell them you arent feeling well. Thats all
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    same thing happened to me but I was throwing up about every 10-15 min.. but I woke up sick stuff coming out both ends :( at least I made it half way and got most of the bulk stops on the mall truck before they sent me home.. I DID make my best effort to work but it was a hassle to keep running to the bathroom...
  14. soberups

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    It is admirable to be willing to work sick, but there comes a point where you are jeapordizing your own health as well as the health of your coworkers by coming in. It sounds to me like you reached that point. Make sure you are over whatever bug is kicking your ass before you go back, then you will be able to give 100%.
  15. thebrownbox

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    at least they knew I was serious...
  16. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    Don't drink crap like Budweiser next time.
  17. filthpig

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    If you have a stomach ailment that is causing you to heave and whatnot, be sure that you keep yourself hydrated. Something like that could be serious in this heat.
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    Stay home. Don't make the rest of us sick!
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    I called in this morning and she pretty much knew from yesterday that I was not going to make it in today.
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    yep very true.. I was trying to drink water but it just all came back out :-/ went to rest for about an hour and a half and slowly had some water and I felt better.