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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by DS, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. DS

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    We have all had it up to here:crazy2:with snow.
    It's piled 8 feet so far in our driveway and theres nowhere left to put more,and it keeps coming.Not since 1938 when it snowed for a week have we been so assulted.
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    I am sure you do not want to hear about my 4 weeks in Maui!!!

    Well, if nothing else, this can be you when you retire. Heck it can be you now if you plan for it!

    Forget about those summer vacations and take a winter break in a warm climate. YOU and your family deserve it!.


    I will be here until March 15th!
  3. mattwtrs

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    I have friends in Ohio and they said the snow really sucks there too. The blizzards & below zero windchill don't bother me any more either. 2 trips to Florida in January & February has made March bearable. The 2"s of snow we got last night has already melted so Spring we be here soon. I'm guessing Spring in Canada is end of April?
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    It sucks big time in Ne and central Ohio.
    Its March, enough already.
    If one more person cannot open their door, yet asks me how the roads are, I will shove the door shut, with their head still sticking out of it.
    I grew up with the lake erie snow machine, but they knew how to handle it on the lake. 2 foot is cleared in a day.
    60 miles south of Lake erie, we rarely get much snow, and they are clueless, when we do get it, like this past week. Now I have no problem scaling snowbanks, but hour after hour of trying to navigate side streets with vehicles, stuck or parked everywhere:angry:
    It snowed Fri/Sat and today there is still 6 inches of slush, and some roads have seen no plow, salt or a grader.
    I think our center put out 27 runs and 3 got stuck in the middle of a freaking road. It should be spring!Please!!!
  5. UPS Lifer

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    OK - Now you guys are making me feel bad sitting here in my bathing suit watching the whales!

    I hope this ends for you soon - Winter is over in 11 days. Hope the snow melts quickly!
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    DS-So sorry about all the snow you're dealing with. The company I work for now lets me take off when I want so the last two years I've taken off between Jan 15- Mar 15. Needless to say we have had almost no snow in Maryland the past two winters. I'm thinking of hiring myself out to stop snowfall. Interested?
  7. mattwtrs

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    Tooner, I think the problem in the Youngstown (Girard) Ohio area is the steel mills along I-80 were closed & tore down 20 some years ago. No more blast furnaces, coke ovens etc. to warm the enviroment and melt that snow!
  8. toonertoo

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    Yes, but we have the teamster hall right on 422, I would think there would be plenty of hot air blowing outta there, what with the national running it and all. We had sun today, so some streets have melted. Im thinking by June 1st we should be good.:happy2:
  9. mattwtrs

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    Tooner, 10-4 on the hot air at the hall. Where is there more hot air? UPS or at the hall?
  10. dilligaf

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    Wait til you get home to Sedona. The weather is beautiful (we are supposed to get rain this weekend). The only thing you are going to miss are the whales.!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
  11. UPS Lifer

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    Most of the folks here in Maui (this time of year) are from all the cold climates. What cracks me up is they get in the pool and say how cold it is. The water is 80 degrees! Yesterday the air temp was 85 with no humidity.

    I told my wife how fortunate we are to be able to go home to such a wonderful area. It is probably the only place I miss more than Maui.

    All our relatives are in Omaha and Chicago so we are in touch with the cold weather through them. In Chicago it really gets bad when there is no place left to haul the snow to. Out here in the West the snow melts after it falls.

    My cousin from Chicago came out here for two weeks. They have to pack extra clothes just to get home from the airport!
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