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    Do we lose it at the beginning of the year or something? I had like 24 hours of sick time before the new year. I just looked at my last pay stub and I have 0 hours of sick time. I'm confused, I thought they just accumulate as long as you want. I never really miss much work so this is the first time I've ever really looked into it. It doesn't seem right though.
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    Its most likely in your local rider. I don't get sick days.
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    we get vac, opd, and oth, which is essentially sick days. I went from having 24 hours of 'oth' to none now. I'm baffled.
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    I believe it different for every local.
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    Ours do that to on May 1st. Then we get a check for the unused days.
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    Hmmm. We get paid out for not using our optional days, but our sick days are just supposed to roll over. At least this is how it worked when I was PT. Now that I'm a driver I hope it hasn't changed.

    There was no way I could have gone to work. I've been :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ting liquid all day the past two days.
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    Happens with my employees. Their sick days are rolled over, but they don't show anything on their checks or in Time and Labor until mid-January. It's showing for everyone right now....maybe you are getting paid for them this year? I know the rules vary depending on your local....
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    There was an issue this year with our entitlements not showing up on our first two paychecks. This has since been corrected and your paid time should have been on your last paystub. If it is not you need to let your mgt team know so that they can research this for you.
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    That might be the case. I'll have to look through my old paystubs I have in a shoebox. The first stub handy was the 2nd of the year and it showed me with zero's all across the bottom.
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    May I suggest that you add "going paperless direct deposit" to your list of New Year's resolutions?
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    Why? I like having my records on file with paper.
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    You can view any of your paystubs on upsers and print them out if there is an error. The only one that you really need is your end of year paystub.

    I have had paperless direct deposit for as long as I can remember. I go to upsers Thursday morning to check my paystub for any errors and update my Quicken accordingly. I laugh at the guys who flock around the OMS clerk Thursday mornings to get their paychecks, especially when the checks are late and do not show up before we go on road.

    It's time to join the rest of us in the 21st century.
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    You could print it off of's all maintained there, too...

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    Same here.
  15. Were those sick hours you had acquired from when you were part time or did they cash you out on all your sick time when you went full time? When you went from part time to full time they should have cashed you out on your sick bank. (Other) optionals and any vacation time.
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    I like the paper version even though its direct deposit. I allows me to make everyone smile as I pull it around on a handcart after a "unexpected" high volume work week.
  17. uber

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    I never recall them cashing me out on my sick time when I went from PT to FT.
  18. uber

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    It says on the 22nd they paid me out for 18 hrs that they called 'ADJUSTME' After that my sick time was gone on my checks.

    I don't get it. This is about two months into me being a driver.
  19. Only a guess here but they may "just now" be cashing you out. And the 18 hours is a pro rated amount of the 24 hours you had as a part timer at your current full time rate of pay.....or an adjustment of your previous sick time???? Definitely ask your sup when you get feeling better.
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    Paperless is the way to go. Printing, sealing, sorting, and shipping all of the checks and advices is a major undertaking at the payroll sites. Imagine a counter top full of two foot high stacks of checks that have to be run through a sealing machine and hand sorted into bundles for each building. Having spent hours helping seal and sort checks, I thank everyone who has gone paperless.