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  1. is it common for teamsters with higher seniority to side with management, work with them to make their jobs easier, and not file grievances when the contract is broken?

    i've only been at my hub for a little over a year and it's clear that higher seniority teamsters let the management break the contract(mainly PT sups working while not training) while the management lets them slack.

    the main problem is the shop steward, who wouldn't say a word when management harassed and threatened me in front of him. i heard from a driver today that he does this because the management is manipulating him into thinking that he's doing what's right, while making his job as easy as possible, just so that he wont file any grievances and so that he'll always side with them over any union worker.

    is this normally how the whole union thing works? thanks.
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    No it's not supposed to work like that. Your steward should have said something, but it is up to you to file an Article 37, harrassment etc...grievance.
  3. over9five

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    He is your steward because a majority voted for him. If he's in managements pocket, VOTE HIM OUT.

    Heck, run against him yourself!
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    In our center, the drivers with the most seniority are the biggest thorns in management's side.... :devil:
  5. well, the shop steward gave up his position and now is going into management.

    the new shop steward had no problem with the supervisors working all day long today.

    another thing i have noticed, is that these people keep it hidden from the drivers and they tell the drivers that they care. they even warn the supervisors when the drivers come in so that the sups wont get caught working.

    this place is a disaster...time to release the hounds?
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    Are you in West Carrollton center? That's the way it is here. When we start coming in there is a part-time sup that watches where we go to warn other working sups.
  7. no, im in the pacific northwest, at a smaller hub(as im told).

    we atually have union workers that are warning management when drivers come in. the part time sups actually tell people that they are on "light work" duty. im in the preload and half the people dont know that they aren't suppose to work and the other half keep thier mouths shut because they either dont care or because the part time sups give them easier positions.

    i know drivers and most of the people i work with in the preload dont know this. one of the drivers i load for came in and saw a part time sup working and the driver hid in his truck and watched while the part time sup worked and all the higher senority workers worked right next to him without care. i told him that it happens everyday and he got :censored2:.

    the people in the preload dont like me because they know that im going to stand my ground and not side with management.

    what's the best way i can go about this?
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    This post doesn't smell right to me, but I have been wrong before.
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    The part time sups in my building only come out of the air condtioned office when someone pages them or the managers in the building. Work to them is a dirty, filthy four letter word!
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    they probably looked at their paychecks and found out it was UPS who was paying them. :thumbup1:

    I agree with satallite this one sounds fishy.