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  1. Deemster

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    So Tuesday our HR guy posted a "PERMANENT" full-time pc driver sign up sheet.

    This is the third time I've signed this sign up sheet. The first time being last August the 2nd being last January. This is after having the "SEASONAL" sign-up sheet up for the last month or so.

    Now at this point I've passed the class and am driving regularly for Saturday Air. I'm a handful down in the first 10 that passed (from last January sheet)

    My confusion comes here: a article 22 employee sais that he could go sign up right now and he would make first pick. How valid is this?

    I ask because multiple drivers ended up driving last peak season with years less seniority than I. Which I had signed up for that prior August.

    At this point there are numerous people signing up with more seniority that previously had no interest in driving at all.

    I know 10 guys waiting to drive full time right now. Class passed, dot certified and some even running Saturday air with me. Why do they keep posting new bid sheets when you have a line of qualified drivers already waiting? Do they automatically post them semi annually?

    I fully intend to call the HR guy tomorrow and ask these same questions but would like to hear what everyone thinks
  2. SaladTosser

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    They have to have sign up sheets in case someone with seniority changes their mind about driving. then they update their list and hire whoever is at the top of the list.
  3. Covemastah

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    Sign it ,, take a photo of it ,, contact the shop steward and let them know of the past problem!!
    No way in hell you should be passed over if qualified and you have the juice!!!
  4. Deemster

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    Don't have a property pass for my phone but would be willing to sneak it in and have a sup sign it out later.
    Hard to take pictures of a year old sign-up sheet. I can only hope they would hold on to an original for a year. :(
  5. Deemster

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    Yeah I don't have a lot of faith in my shop Stewart's either unfortunately. Might have better luck with an actual driver who is a steward
  6. Covemastah

    Covemastah Suspension Ovah !!! Tom is free FU Goodell !!

    Take pic of next sign up sheet!
    You need a pass to bring in your phone ????
    Guys all have em in Boston buildings!!
  7. Turdferguson

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    Article 22 is full time. Full time seniority trumps part time seniority.
    Do not take pictures on UPS property. If they want to be butts about it they can walk you out for that.
    If you do not have faith in your Steward find the full time one and ask him, or call the Union hall and ask them these questions.
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  8. BrownTexas

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    I wouldn't get in trouble over the picture either. Just ask to have a copy.
  9. Box Ox

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    In my area a new bid sheet has to be posted if it's been more than 90 days or so since the last one was posted. Which makes sense as minds and life circumstances can change. Especially for part timers.
  10. Deemster

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    I completely understand that full time seniority trumps pt in all instances and that anyone with more senority also gets first pick.

    I just don't know why they would push currently queued drivers further down the list by posting a fresh list. I've needed this for over a year and just feel like I'm being screwed over every time someone decides "oh I think I'll go sign up to drive today" when I have been signing the sheet for a whole year now and have pulled people to drive with only 1 year of senority last peak
  11. FrigidFTSup

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    Why wouldn't you file a grievance? Or have you been disqualified from driving for some reason? Something doesn't seem right. You keep saying it's not fair and you're getting screwed, but you haven't done anything about it.
  12. Deemster

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    This is mostly due to the fact I'd like to keep my head down until I make book. I know quite well how qualification goes. I actually just got off the phone.

    Story is ie came in said we need 8 feeder drivers. Usually pulled from pc.

    So he said a new list had to be posted. He also said unfortunately anyone with more seniority and makes the class will have me beat. He also said he didn't want to post it

    I'm more than 10 down so mostly not a big deal at this poiny. Just waiting for Nov 1st now.

    I did forget to ask about the old bid sheets from last fall though
  13. Cementups

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    Sing every bid posted just in case. You can always say no.