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    So I am peacefully minding my own business napping in front of the TV (dead weekend for football) when I am awakened by the ringing of my telephone. The caller ID shows NORTH CAROLINA. Since I don't know anybody in NC and I am on the DO NOT CALL list so I figure it's probably a wrong number or one of those annoying marketing calls that call you despite your DO NOT CALL status. I don't answer the phone. I let the phone ring and ring and ring until finally it stops. That was 1:45 PM. Then the same thing happens at 6:01 PM, North Carolina. Well, turns out as most of you know that the call is from United Parcel Service to let me know that there will be an adult signature required delivery the next day, tomorrow, Monday. I love my driver and I will do most anything to make her life easier and mine as well but in this day and age people screen their calls. SO MY QUESTION IS WHY THE SECRECY ABOUT WHO IS CALLING? WHY DOESN"T THE CALLER ID IDENTIFY UNITED PARCEL SERVICE AS THE CALLER INSTEAD OF NORTH CAROLINA?
  2. backinbrown

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    so you cant call them on any number but 1800 ups
  3. backinbrown

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    Yes i couldnt get heffernan but ill take paul blart just changed it over before someone else thought of it

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    That's funny

    My wife got 2 boxes of wine the past months and we never received a call. Maybe that is a perk for certain companies.?.
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    At my center, years ago, they had their phone ID'd with UPS when they called you at home. Took them a couple of years to figure out and change it to "withheld" so they could get employees to answer it.
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    That is not Paul Blart hate to burst your bubble.
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    "Maybe that is a perk for certain companies.?"

    Nope--any shipper can take advantage of it IF they include a phone number when the package is shipped.

    UPS Voice Notification

    "Provided at no additional cost, UPS Voice Notification gives recipients advance notice that a shipment is on its way, and a timeframe in which the shipment will arrive. In addition, Voice Notification lets recipients know when UPS will arrive to retrieve a return package so the shipment can be ready for pickup. "
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    OK then this is danny heffernan
  9. backinbrown

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    i had paul blart on their just changing things up
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    Yes, but they have to dial *82 because I have anonymous call rejection. Then I'm back to knowing who I'm ignoring It's almost like Spy vs Spy.
  11. dannyboy

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    Im on the do not call list. Funny things I have noticed

    Numbers that show up as 000-000-0000

    numbers that you call right back, and then get the recording that "this number is not in service at this time"

    Or the number that you call back only to get the "you have won" recording.

    Abuse of the do not call.

    As for UPS using a IDable number to call you from, they dont want you calling it back. All calls from customers they want routed through the 1800 pick ups. Anything else costs too much money, cause then you are actually talking to a UPS employee instead of a highschool grad that never heard of UPS before getting the call center job.

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    It's like this. I am on the DO NOT CALL list because I do not want to be called. I do not believe UPS has the right to violate my legitimate request for privacy. I believe this UPS activity is illegal, plain and simple.
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    I operate a UPS authorized ship center. Does anyone know why I have hundreds of dollars in adjustments each week for "oversize". We measure each and every box and enter the correct measurements. The boxes are usually brand new and UPS is adding 2 to 6 inches to each package.
  14. brownIEman

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    I think we have a missunderstanding of the do not call list. Unless I am mistaken, the do not call list only applies to soliciting. UPS notification is not trying to sell you anything. They are just informing you of something you have already bought.

    Political organizations are not covered, and most charities are free of the do not call list requirements as well. you can find a faq on the do not call list laws here:
  15. dannyboy

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    Brown IE

    You are correct.

    Dfig thinks that because he thinks something is, that it becomes reality. UPS is providing a service. You agreed to that level of service. As such, does not matter what you think, UPS has the legal right to call you to notify you that your package is going to be delivered. We also have the right you gave us by ordering the package, to come on your property to make that delivery, no matter how many no trespassing signs you hang out.

    So please, get real. Know your law. Dont assume that what you feel the law ought to say is what it says.

  16. trplnkl

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    BoxLady, this is something you need to take up with your Customer Service Rep. If you have trouble getting him/her on the phone, call the 800# and raise sand till it looks like gravel and someone will talk to about this situation.
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    Ups just does this to make sure you are home to sing and not to spend more on gas having the driver come by for a 2nd and 3rd atmpt. They prob dont care how it shows up on your called ID Ups just cares about the $$$$$
  18. trplnkl

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    I've had consignees tell me that UPS called them to tell them they had a COD with certified check or money order required coming in that day.That's even helped once or twice to have the M.O. ready when I got there.
  19. Tiny Panda

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    Normally depends on where the call comes from, if it comes thru an exchange/switchboard/extension then you dont normally get the number ID