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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by sortaisle, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. sortaisle

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    Who do you figure is going to run in 2012? Here's my picks:


    Barack Obama (duh)
    Kathleen Sebelius
    Al Gore
    Hillary Clinton
    Tim Kaine
    Mark Warner


    Jeb Bush
    Bobby Jindal
    Mike Huckabee (my pick)
    Sarah Palin (she thinks anyway)
    Tim Kaine (don't count on it)
    Mark Sanford (2nd Pick)

    Third Party

    Who's to say, it depends on how broken up the Republican party gets after the election. It wouldn't be out of convention if Ron Paul broke off and ran as an independent. He could take a good chuck of the vote, but I think he'll be too old and maybe even disinterested at that point. Ralph Nader will make his appearance as always. It's conceivable that Dennis Kucinich goes Green. I think the Constitutional Party could make waves if they ever had a viable candidate. Really hard though in the age of 2 party politics. I don't care for lawyers who haven't held elective office trying to run a country. Bob Barr will make another go. So what's everybody's thoughts? Who's your pick?
  2. diesel96

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    My only prediction is that after losing badly in 2008, we will see the Republican Party fight an internal civil war and the only way they can regain prominent status is to rid the party of the Neo-Con and far right Evangelical factions and return to their traditional values. That looks like a tough task because of the way Dr Ron Paul was treated and laughed right out of the Republican primaries. God speed, Rep's....poor lil' boogers
  3. sortaisle

    sortaisle Livin the cardboard dream

    Ron Paul is the man, I'll give him that, but he would be far more effective as a moderate democrat or an independent. He was absolutely naive to think he'd get the nomination in today's republican party. I only vote conservative in social issues. A liberal friend of mine at work said something that holds a lot of weight in my thinking "The John Kennedy democrats and the Ronald Reagan republicans are gone." I think this is true and wise.
  4. browndevil

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    Yes, the only chance the REP have is going back to being Lincoln REB. some Teddy Rosevelt on the enviroment and Ronald Reagan on the economy. The Evangelical wing of the party is too divisive
  5. av8torntn

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    Obama vs Jindal
  6. tieguy

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    Realistically Bush was able to mobolize the neo cons who got him elected twice. McCain being a middle of the road borderline socialist was not able to get the conservative voters as excited.

    At this point the republican party really needs to do nothing more then watch the liberals do their liberal thing. The more liberal their policies the more those policies will energize the republican backlash.

    If Obama is smart enough to stay away from pursuing big government , big spending, high taxpolicies then he can get realected in four years.

    The political issues are still there. You comment on the neocons but the fact remains that the democratic party is comprised of many different left wing extremist positions. Appeasing them all will still be a challenge for the democratic party. The fact the republicans will not longer be available as the scapegoat now means these factions will have to look and fight within.

    The biggest mistake the democratic party could make is to assume their coalition of left wing extremist is solidly aligned.

    I'll be excited to watch them as they start their infighting. I'll be thrilled to watch the left wing media now start feeding on their own.
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    tieguy, I'll get the popcorn.
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  8. passerby

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    So far all I've seen is cannibalism on the right side of the aisle.

    Watch out for the 'Staight Talk Express', lots of folks are being tossed under it.

    Bring back Tom Delay, now there's an honorable leader.