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    Please all who read this thread reply because i think we all know someone at ups who has been punished when they didn't deserve it. Please share how they were harassed by mgmt. Or Supes. From the most frivolous to serious .My own experience is a supervisor calling the ups center when they see me in their neighborhood and making sure i have a delivery on the street they live on. I have never filed a grievance or requested 9 1/2 hour days i don't call in sick and am reliable, I cant think of any reason why I could be targeted for harassment other than my elevated status I mentor the younger newer drivers and ups hopes all the drivers that look-up to me will be so intimidated by mgmt. by witnessing how I am treated they wont have self-esteem to stand up to authority. Please weigh-in. Take care.
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    Either your sup is bipolar or we need the rest of the story.
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    I would change my user name to something a little less identifiable.
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    I got a warning letter for excessive absences. I called in during an 18 inch snowstorm. I could not get out of my driveway. It was the 1st time I took a day off in 8 months. In the previous 16 months I took a total of 8 personal days. (Always scheduled at least a month in advanced) I never use all my personal days... I always have 2 or 3 left in May that I get paid for. The whole center laughed, and I ripped up the warning letter in front of my manager (my rebuttal copy) and told him "whatever" and walked out of his office laughing.
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    I suggest browntrodden
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    so........just sitts and giggles.........................DO really you have a delivery on the street when the supervisor calls in?
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    Dude are you serious a sup calls to see if you have a pkg on their street

    If we could only drive on the street we had pkg's on I could not leave the hub

    There is a lot more you are not telling , so either tell or stop posting half butt threads that don't mean anything
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    Why is it you have never filed a grievance?
    Who elevated you to your self proclaimed "mentor" status?
    What are you teaching the "younger newer" drivers?
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    What's going on here? Your last post was a bit odd with all the restraining order stuff. Remember that Jerry Sandusky was considered a mentor too. Your leaving out tons of info. If it happened like you said before, you could have a huge case against UPS. What is your full relationship with that sup?
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    Why am I picking up a stalker vibe from this guy
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    Yeah I agree w you. Something. It can't just be as it seems.