Sitting in an oak barrel .

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    i clock in and clock out wondering if this is it . 8 years in 22 to go . a fresh grape on the vine in hopes of becoming a well aged bottle of wine . 90 points .... hummmm . i dont know . WHAT I DO KNOW I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER . miss managed operations, bad customer service, and horrible leadership .an extra roll of shrink wrap couldnt save this ship(ment) from sinking . some clock in and clock out without noticing whats going on around around them . if this is the basket you have put all your eggs in why havent you tried to make it better or up hold the shield . we do not manufacturer anything all we do is provide a service . we all need to take a stand and protect what is ours , what business we have . proud UPSr.... proud TEAMSTER !
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    I'm with you, but unfortunately we are in the minority.