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    I deliver to this place up on top of a hill and I leave the packages at the gate because the code in the diad doesn't work. Near the gate Is a faucet on a PVC pipe. I back the truck between this pipe and the gate and there is about two trucks space to maneuver and I always have the PVC pipe on my left driver side and pull parallel to it when I back. Several weeks had passed since I last went up there and last week I finally had a package. On this occasion I noticed that the PVC pipe was lying on the ground in dry dirt. I did my normal back and then delivered and left the location. The next week I had another delivery and I the PVC pipe was still in the same condition. The next day the customer called in and said that I had backed into the pipe and caused the damage. A part time sup called the customer and explained the situation and that I did not do the damage. That customer did not accept this and insisted that it was me. I called the customer and told them my details and told them the only thing I know for certain is that I didn't cause the damage. The customer still would no accept this and will speak to my supervisor on Monday. Any advice on how I can protect myself or anything else I should be doing? It sucks having this type of thing weighing on me. I have backed without incident for 21 years but have never been falsely accused of something like this.
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    No paint or damage to truck? His word vs yours. Hopefully your boss likes you. My boss hates me and would pin it on me.
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    We have a guy in my center who looks like the Situation. Some guys call him the Situation. I think he bangs a lot of chicks.
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    This really sucks. Make sure you document there is no damage to the truck. Even if there isn't, they may still believe the lying customer. I truly hope they believe you. I am sorry this is happening to you. This could happen to any one of us at any time.
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    People always blame us. Hopefully, your management backs you up. Once I was getting blamed for ripping up a driveway. My sup went to take a look. The tire marks were to small to come from the truck, so, it can't be us, he told them.
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    It's sad when the company believes a total stranger to someone who has been with the company for 20+ years. Nevermind the fact that we carry thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of merchandise every day and not a thing goes missing for those 20+ years. Ask me again why I have no loyalty to the new UPS. I come in and perform job, beyond that I couldn't care less.
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    Hopefully management protects their investment.
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    Drivers aren't investments anymore, we're liabilities.
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    It's obviously the FedEx guy that did it.
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    Make sure if they try to pin it on you that you don't allow them to question you without a union steward present. If they try questioning you rapid-fire make sure you take your time answering and don't guess at things you are not 100% sure of..."I don't recall right now" is a good response. Make sure to correct any errors they have in their understanding about the timing or circumstances of the events, but don't guess or assume anything. Make sure you document any conversations with management (write down the exact words spoken ASAP after any questioning).

    Don't let it weigh on you! It is very hard to prove something that isn't true.

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    Thank you for this advice. It means a lot and I will follow it!
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    And in the end, if they DO "charge" you with an accident, remember:

    Who cares?

    You still have your job. You still get paid the same. With your 21 years of safe driving, this means absolutely nothing.
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    I seriously hope that you're being sarcastic, if not, to the op - don't listen to this guy. This guy and that other mod will have you taking all managements shafts. Just my 2 cents, lol, first time using that.
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    Exactly! Great advice. I always said what does it really mean. A wall of names in Atlanta. 99% of those guys will never go to look. Be a good person means more to me. Not worrying about safe driving awards. UPS turns it into a catch 22 with all the jargon. You have been set up for failure. Every day.
    Somedays you can turn a pile of she,it into a flower garden. Most days you can't. It just a pile of she,it
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    Wait a sec, didn't we just have a thread about a driver hung out to dry, fired, by way of a lying customer?

    "don't worry", I'd be worried.
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    For reference...
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    Easy fix don't go into this customers driveway anymore...
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    In order to successfully fire you, the company has to prove two things; (a) that you hit the pipe and (b) that you KNEW you hit the pipe and did not report it.

    You need to get a shop steward and keep your answers short and to the point. You didnt hit the pipe, period. End of discussion. Dont speculate, dont elaborate, dont say a damn thing at all other than "I didnt hit the pipe." Repeat as needed. You will be OK.
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    Gumby * you forget we work for the devil?.........B they have no problem with you sitting at home for a month!.....C.....You will get your job back..maybe.......after they make an ass out of you!