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  1. kingOFchester

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    I have been working at UPS as a preloader (loading 3 cars) since the first week of September. 1st week I did 4 days in training while working 2 trucks for a few hours a day. 2nd week till now been loading 3 trucks on my own. Made seniority after 30 days. However, they are still paying me 8.50 not the 9.50 I was suppose to get. I called HR about a month ago and was told "It takes time for the papr work to go through...your increase will be coming." Now, what the heck should I do??? I am not one to ruffle feathers but I think I should be getting the 1$ plus any back pay they owe me. doesn't seem fair. Never been late..never been sick...whenever there is a no show or sick preloader I always help load their trucks too..... but they can't cough up that extra dollar?? Any suggestions....and also when should of the 1$ raise for skilled kick in....after seniority or from day 1. Thanks
  2. over9five

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    They owe you money, dude.

    See your shop steward. You will get your raise. You will get your back-pay. And when you file a grievance, you will get extra money because the company took so long to do the right thing.
  3. kingOFchester

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    Will filing a grievance put a mark on my head?
  4. over9five

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    Definately! (but you want your money, don't you?)

    Ask the steward what he thinks. Maybe he will suggest an alternative to the grievance route.
  5. kingOFchester

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    good deal....Thanks again 9!
  6. Griff

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    Yes, it will. Now is the time to stand for what is yours. There are two types of union employees who work at UPS: 1) the kind who are doormats and 2) the kind who refuse to be a doormat. Which one are you?
  7. UPS Lifer

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    Hey Griff...there is a third kind of employee...those that have self-esteem and wouldn't even put any of their fellow employees in one of the other two categories. :lol::lol::lol:
  8. Griff

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    No, you're wrong, there isn't a third kind. As for non-union employees, such as yourself, there is only one kind.
  9. RockyRogue

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    I certainly wasn't a doormat, sir. If I had a problem with management, we settled it as professionals and adults. I was never short on payday--that I caught, anyway--but I didn't file grievances just to p*ss 'The Man' off. I knew a steward that did that enough for the entire hub...-Rocky
  10. hondo

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    Your Majesty, I suggest discussing this with a steward, immediately. Apparently in some areas with PAS, UPS no longer considers preloader a skilled position. I believe it has been successfully argued that job title/classification takes precedence over technology. This fight may have already been won in your building. Once you're better informed on local practices, go to your FT manager and tell him/her you want your skilled pay rate (I get the feeling HR put your concerns in the good ole circular file) and any back pay due.
    If you don't want to file unless as a last resort, you may have to settle for only the raise, no back pay. If you do file, you may only be eligible for back pay going back a certain time period, like 2 weeks or 30 days or something like that, so it's imperative you get moving on this. And like 9.5+ said, there could be a penalty imposed on UPS if they fail to cough it up in a timely manner (I believe it's 1.5 times discrepancy here in Chicago). Also, the method of restitution may come up. They may add time (money) to your regular checks for a while or if the $$$ are enough, they may issue a "green" check and you'll need to know if you can specify the tax rate on that (I think they used to be taxed at a higher rate than your regular pay). BTW, that $1/hr is less than peanuts in the big scheme of things at UPS.
  11. kingOFchester

    kingOFchester Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone. I am going to talk to my sups and see if i get the raise. I kow for a fact it is skilled labor in my building. Probably won't worry about back pay if they don't cough it up.
  12. blue efficacy

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    The issue isn't "skilled" vs "unskilled" as the contract mentions neither. "preloader/sorter" employees receive an extra $1 per hour regardless of the level of "skill" involved.
  13. kingOFchester

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    Ok....I was using the terminology that is on the paperwork given to me at the time of my tour. But whatever............
    Talked to center manager and will be getting the raise on next check. I should go after back money, but I will take part of the responsibility being that I should of questioned it sooner. Besides, I don't like to ruffle feathers thanks everyone
  14. Homoudont

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    King Of Chester

    Just a FYI, I started at about the same time you did, sometime in August... and I had my $1 raise in my 2nd week. They gave me a few days of training and as soon as I was on my own without a supervisors assistance I was given the $1 raise.

    There is a young lady that started a month after me and just got her raise this past week. The supervisor promised her back pay because they said it was an error. She only found out after I was b!tching about how little they paid us for the work we do.. She was like.. u get paid $9.50 an hour, I only get $8.50 :scared::scared::scared::scared:
  15. Big Babooba

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    You shouldn't have to ask for your raise. If they owe you back pay, then it is rightfully yours.
  16. kingOFchester

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    Got check today....still 8.50. talked to my full time Sup...promised next check will be at 9.50hr. I was with a driver at the time. After the Sup walked away the driver said "don't count on getting next week either" we talked for a few minutes and he even said I should NOT file a grievance if I intend on sticking around for a while. He said and I quote "They will make your life at UPS hell once you file". I don't even want to file but come on, give me what is mine.
    As I see it I am getting 10% less then I should. Perhaps I should only give 90% of what I have been doing. No misloads for a few weeks now. Drivers happy with loads (I talk to the drivers and find out how they prefer their loads as each have their own preference) So as I see it, I should misload 10% of my load. That’s around 100 misloads a day. When approached I will just say, if you are going to pay 10% less, then I will only do 90% of my job. think they would like that?? I wouldn't do that, but I am sure it would get my point across.
  17. UPS Lifer

    UPS Lifer Well-Known Member

    Document your conversation with your supervisor. Date - time - who was there - what was discussed. I would also go back and document when you first asked why you haven't received your extra dollar...and any other conversation you have had about this topic. This will come in handy if you have to take it further. Your supervisor can put in an SOP to get you your money. This is somethng they get hammered on and may not want to do it. Once it is in the system, you will have company documentation of the subject. Nest time you ask about it...have another driver with you that would be willing to corrorborate your story. Another avenue is to go to Employe Relations Manager and tell him what is going on. It will get fixed fast if you do that. Let your sup know what steps you plan to take if this does not get fixed.
  18. OldUPSDriver

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    Your center manager told you on 11/8 that your raise would be on the next check which would be 11/16, right?? JMO
  19. Griff

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    That driver should be ostracized for giving that type of advice. If people are afraid of filing grievances, what is the point of having a union? Why are we all paying dues if we cannot have any recourse when this company steals from us? Get your stewart involved, you gave management their chance, if the stewart balks go directly over his head to a BA.
  20. Fnix

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    False sense of security.

    The way I see it, you are not a skilled worker according to them so misload out of the ass and tell them you aren't skilled until you get paid like one.