Skilled Position or Unskilled Position?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by bleujade, Jan 30, 2010.

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    Can anyone tell me (who's not in management) if being a ECS clerk is a skilled or unskilled position? Although we scan labels, read labels, do address corrections and pull packages from trucks. I need to know because I was told it's an unskilled position.
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    Clerical is addressed under article 22 as a preferred job. Skilled would make it a higher paying job. Yet you must be trained on the computer in order to perform this job.
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    I am a pm clerk in texas and down here it is classified as unskilled,but could but different by supplement aggrement depending on you region.I dont understand this because it is probably the most skilled job in the building,talk to your union rep or better yet look in the contract yourself.
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    I'm also a pm clerk , twi PAS/preload clerk -mid sort. Have done ecs, spa, most clerical. It's probably not a "skiled" pay job because it is physically one of the easiest jobs in the building. ECS, PAS clerk, revenue and so on.... may be "skilled", which it certainly is as far as knowledge, but it is not "HUB skilled" meaning more intense with physically/knowledge like the sort aisle or a pickoff. Just a guess.
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    There are no Skilled or Unskilled jobs in the National Master, even though just about everyone thinks there is.

    Your electronic time clock may list various jobs as 'skilled" or "unskilled" but that is just a UPS internal payroll thing.

    "Preloader & Sorter" jobs pay a dollar more than "All Other" jobs. The extra dollar has little to do with the skill of the job. A part-timer who shifts package cars, trailers, TP-60s, drives a fork lift, scans or operates a computer is an "All Other" employee. (I'm not saying this makes any sense. Just telling you the way it is in the wacky world of Teamster-UPS part-time hell.)

    A "Preferred Job" is any job you like enough to bid on. It has nothing to do with getting an extra dollar per hour. Loader and Unloader could be a preferred job to you, but it wouldn't pay the extra dollar.

    Some buildings voluntarily pay the extra dollar to additional part-timers other than the Preloaders and Sorters, either because they are not nasty people, or because local market conditions require the higher pay rate to attract sufficient warm bodies.

    Your regional Supplement or your Local Union may have an agreement to give the extra dollar to additional people as well.

    See Article 22 of the National Master here: