Skilled positions?

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  1. Rott

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    Ive been working at this place for 3 years + on the primary sort. I got a call from hr asking if i wanted to take a different position and shift but i would lose one dollar hourly.

    What exactly is considered skilled/unskilled work.

    Can they take a dollar from me?
  2. Monkey Butt

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    Might want to ask PT Stewie since he can give you more current experience and insight

    Generally, positions one has to take tests to qualify for and periodic tests to ensure current knowledge are skilled positions.

    In a hub, those would be Sorter and Pickoff positions.

    Unskilled would be Unloader or unloader.

    In some localities, the irregs runner will be considered a skilled position.
  3. cachsux

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    It used to be, mind you used to be, that once you went through the training to achieve the position and earned the extra dollar then you kept that dollar. If they pulled us off the sort to help the unload or any other position we still were paid our sort pay.

    You contract and or supplements may be different.
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    As Hoaxster said it's pretty much any position that you test for that is considered skilled. Sorter, secondary sorter, small sorter, pickoff, incompatibles sorter. Only ones I can think off the top of my head in Florida.

    About losing the skill pay, as far as I know they can't take it away unless you bid into an unskilled position. Wouldn't hurt to ask a steward or two on your sort, either.
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  5. Rott

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    alright I start this new "unskilled" position in 2 days. they ARE taking my dollar! Its a load of crap! I know that they are mad i am taking the position, and i also know that they can pick and choose who gets a dollar or not> example: two dudes that still work in the hub but no longer soreters, they went to unload and both told me theydidnt lose a dollar...

    screw it.... if they do take my dollar; just out of principle..... I ll make sure that i never break a sweat.... Ive been there long enuff to see that you can break your back and get treated worse than if you just slack off
  6. Notcool

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    I got my dollar a year after I started and have hardly ever sorted. Due to fat cats that have been there since I was born. l load and still get paid my dollar
  7. Monkey Butt

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    Probably be better long-term results if you go to your Union Steward and get him/her involved to keep you dollar an hour (if possible). Not sure why you think you should get the dollar if you are asking to go back to an unskilled position but that's your deal.
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    They asked you if you wanted to work on a different shift and different job and told you that it pays a dollar less and YOU SAID YES. !!!!!!!!!

    Do I have to say any thing else.