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    We have a loader who became a sorter. At the end of the night after sorting they send him to help load trailers. Does he get paid skilled rate to help the loaders?
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    Believe so.
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    Working 60 minutes in the skilled position, qualifies for the skilled pay rate for the entire shift.
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    Wow so if they are instructed to unload trailers the entire night it's not skilled rate?
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    Correct only if it was put into the payroll system that way, most have it as their permanent pay rate, but yes typically speaking to have the $1 per hour raise for doing a skilled position, they are required to sort for a specific amount of time to have it for the whole shift (1 hour I believe). Typically the only ones that are supposed to be sorters are those of seniority, but others got it through doing it here and there. So most of the time a sorter who is asked to load doesn't happen often due to seniority restraints, but in theory yes they aren't supposed to have the $1 if they are just loading.
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    One we become skilled we get skilled pay now matter what we are instructed to do. The only way we lose it is by bidding on an unskilled job.
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    So then what about the 60 minute rule that these guys are talking about?
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    He got paid, next question??
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    some ppl in my hub have it permanent even if they arent doing a skilled job, while most new hires only get it on days they
    do a skilled job. if person has 5 years of seniority(non-skilled) and does a skilled job he only gets the $1 for the days he did skilled job.