Skipping work to vote?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by yyhow, Jan 3, 2012.

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    I'm a loader and I've been working in UPS for about 2 years, never had a attendance problem. I've called in a couple times to see if they need me or not, if they say they do, I always come in.

    I wanted to go to the caucus tonight and I forgot to ask time off ahead (well I did but the full-time management told me to fill out request form in writing, and I completely forgot....)

    So when I called in they told me they absolutely need me to come in tonight, or else I will face disciplinary actions.

    I am not sure what should I do, I really really want to vote, but I've never skipped work before, not sure what will happen.

    Will I get in a lot of trouble if I don't show up? (I did text my supervisor telling him I may not show up tonight because of the caucus.)


    If you have never called in or rarely call in, than once or twice wont kill you, they tell you that you will face disciplinary action to scare you, they have steps to follow, first is a verbal if needed and numerous steps after that, make sure to have a steward or union member present if they do try to take action, but dont sweat it. remember your record is wiped clean every year.
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    Go to work---the caucus is a mere formality as Romney has the nomination wrapped up.
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    For future reference

    If your going to call in don't call and ask if they need you. Just call in and say you won't be in they don't need to know why it's none of there business. Don't worry if they need you or not they will get by without you.

    When you call in make sure you call in at least 1 hour before your shift starts and make sure you book back on atleast one hour before you shift start on the day your coming back to work. If you call in you get a 3 for 1 meaning that you could be out for three days and it only counts as 1 absent.
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    You can always use a Sick Day. You don't have to be sick. But as was said, be sure to call an hour ahead.

    Your state may well have a law requiring employers to give you time off to vote. Not sure if a "caucus" qualifies, but it should IMHO. Especially if it's the "First In The Nation Iowa Caucus."
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    Keep taking time off work to go and vote for a Republican, because eventually if you keep voting them in no one will have a job in America!

    People AMAZE me!
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    Agree, Iowander what he was thinking!!