Slapped in the face by UPS

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  1. ups767mech

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    Isn't this interesting. After cutting managments pay raises and 401k contribution "until further notice". They have also laid off 60 aircraft mechanics and multiple others throughout the system. Then, our CEO goes to the newspaper and tells them how good UPS is financially and how we are looking to buy assets in this down market. TO ME THATS A SLAP IN THE FACE TO ALL WHO ARE EFFECTED BY THE PAYCUTS AND LAYOFFS.

  2. drewed

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    Buddy thats what a cash rich company does, its part of whatevery company that has cash on hand to go through two years of operations. Buy up companys, property, planes whatever when its cheap and when things turn around youll make a profit off it or have assests you can use to expand.

    The layoff thing doesnt have to do with the amount of money makes currently its an operational fact that the work isnt there. The raise thing does blow but its better then additional layoffs AND its a quick way to get a couple million dollars for a year. And when have paycuts been announced? I havent heard any...
  3. ups767mech

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    Not really pay cuts but pay freeze for the year. It was announced about a week and a half ago. No pay raise for the year = a pay cut to me.
  4. drewed

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    Well the managers at fedex would be happy with a pay freeze, their wages did get cut anywhere from 5-20%....So Im pretty sure a lot of sups are butt hurt but happy they didnt take an actual cut like fedex did
  5. brownmonster

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    I'll say to mngmnt the same thing they say to me. Be happy you have a job.
  6. sano

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    So your suggestion would be we come up with a plan more like the auto makers? bury head in sand, act like reality is an illusion, march to destruction.
    I am glad UPS is recognizing the tides and taking early measures to cut cost.
  7. Johney

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    I'd be willing to bet that when and if things turn around ,management will be rewarded down the road for their consessions now.
  8. soberups

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    Back when the stock went public (99?) we had management people who became millionares when their shares split and were selling at $75. Meanwhile, those of us in the hourly ranks got nothing but the contractually agreed upon hourly pay raise. I didnt complain then, because I had made a choice. You shouldnt complain now...because you also made a choice.
  9. Braveheart

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    Why is UPS not offering buyouts to the highly paid managers like they did years ago?

    Why is UPS not offering buyouts to some of the older full timers that are hanging on?
  10. redshift1

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    Best UPS strengthens it position in the shipping industry by reducing labor costs and acquiring fire sale companies and equipment. This hurts employees in the short term but will probably be beneficial to everyone down the road.
  11. feederdriver06

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    I've got a great way that UPS could save millions of dollars being :censored2: away.............dump the NASCAR program
  12. over9five

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    Yikes! Who's fixing the planes? Is this related to outsourcing aircraft repairs to Chinese mechanics?

    Serious question, we heard that somewhere, didn't we?
  13. Channahon

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    In these tough economic times, UPS is faring somewhat better than rival FedEx, whose management are taking a 5-20% pay cut, and FedEx, yesterday announced 900 Freight drivers being laid off due to lack of volume and competitive pricing by their competition.

    I haven't heard the total number of layoffs at UPS, so far, I have heard 60 airline mechanics, and 500 part timers due to air sort consolidations. The air volume has been dropping since the 3rd quarter of 2008, as businesses are downgrading the level of service used to save money.

    Companies cannot afford to keep employees on the payroll, if there is no work for the employee. As sad as that statement is, that is the realities of today's economic and business world.

    The old saying of "Save for a rainy day" just turned into the "Perfect Storm". No one knows when the Sun will come out again.
  14. haydendavid380

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    Or to actually use the tracking capabilites of the diad to nail the people that are running up miles and other shady practices :surprised:

    Butttttt the nascar thing works to :-)
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    You don't know what you are talking about. There is plenty of work for the AMT's to do but UPS chooses to outsource everything that isn't bolted down to China or chop shops in the U.S., The American way. Guess what, FEDX is bringing work in house and they have two and a half times the number of mechanics UPS has. Thats because it isn't cost effective. It takes more work to correct the problems that these chop shops create with there poor workmanship than if you brought it in house were you could control the quality and oversight of that bad maintenance.
  16. drewed

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    When theyre parking planes, and they are theres less work...theyre canceling flights theres less work there for you need less mechs to get the job done
  17. unionman

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    Oh really. Why are they not letting pilots go?
  18. drewed

    drewed Shankman

    Because we were understaffed pilots to begin with?
  19. BrownTail28

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    The main reason for acmx layoffs is due to the closing of the CAE and DFW air hubs. They are moving the senior mechanics to some of the larger gateways (if they choose to accept the transfer) and they are laying off the low seniority mechanics. We dont need mechanics working in places where we no longer have flights.
  20. ups767mech

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    Please educate yourself before you post something. The total laid off from DFW and CAE is 8. At least 60 are going to hit the street. The senior mechanics arent the first to go the junior ones are. In case you didnt know how senority works.