Sleeper team bid process - where is the sleeper team contract for UPS (Parcel)

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by kosto, Mar 29, 2010.

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    In Mesquite, TX, they have posted a sleeper run which only has 3700 miles.

    As one would guess, nobody really wants the job - except the last person who holds a job.

    Since there is no one below him that is eligible to hold a job, he is unable to pick a B driver. So they are going to post the sleeper run as a bid job every week.

    I guess I’m trying to figure out the definition of “Eligible”.

    Where in the contract is the area Concerning Sleeper jobs and Sleeper job bidding?
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    If I am understanding this situation correctly, you're saying the last person that has a bid job has taken the sleeper bid? There are no others that will bid? Do they WANT the sleeper bid? Do you have others in feeders that are qualified feeder drivers that do no have a bid job? Cover drivers or on-call?

    If this driver has taken the sleeper bid and the company claims that no one is eligible to go with, as a B driver, this driver has a right to pick one of these people, whether they have a bid job or not. It was done here. Even to the point where, at the time, no one wanted, the A driver knew someone off the street that would take it, the company hired them.

    Also, we had some drivers that did not have a bid-couldn't hold one. If the A driver picked them, they could go.

    Answer that?