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    I've been with the Company for 10 years. I've been driving for two. Ive always been a hard worker and brought that mindset into every situation in life weather that be work or wherever. When I first started and for the first year or so I scratched routes left and right thinking getting done the soonest was helping out the company and in return I'd gain respect and a nice reputation. Instead I just got more stops and more helping of other drivers. I've sinced learned that that was the wrong approach to going about it but it did get me my 30 days and now I'm locked in but I'm Worrired, very Worrired. I've slowed down considerably and being a cover driver filed for Excessive Overtime week after week for the last month. I've pouched out at 830 or later every night just about and management is fed up. So, I get called into the office yesterday to talk about my recent late punch outs and late ETAs. Manager starts off by saying You will be Fired! You will be ridden, you will be disciplined. Meanwhile I'm just sitting there smiling cuz it's just kind of funny how these prices of Crap try to intimidate people. Someone should consider making a movie about it lol. Anyway he says you used to be a scratch driver, what happened? I said this and only this. "When the route, load/excessive condition, and traffic change drastically everyday it is impossible to produce consistent results". He looked back at me like I was crazy and said stop right there and continued on to talk about a particular day this week. He said it was dispatched at 7.2 hours and I should've been done at 5pm. In reality the first 90 of the 150 stops I'm out blind on but I realize they don't take that into consideration. I take lunch at 2-3pm everyday. I don't care if I have 10 stops done or where I am. So I get 90 stops done and go to luck from 2-3pm. My pickups started at 3:45 and end at 5:10 (time of last scheduled pickup) This is a split route with someone else's pickups btw. So he says why were your deliveries not done by the time you started your pickups? I said following the methods I was only able to get 90 done by 2pm and an additional 13 in those 45 mins before pickups. He says you should been back to the building by 5pm the latest. I said how is that possible when there is a 5:10pm pickup scheduled never mind 35+ stops left afterward in a town 4 miles away. He then stops me and says I'm issuing you a warning letter for failing to comply and retain a strong relationship with management and stealing time. I said the only number I care about is the number of accidents and injuries I get into everyday and that number is ZERO. He then says this and I quote. "I could care less about the Union and Saftey, I chew them up for Breakfast everyday and Spit them out" I said that doesn't sound right but ok. He says I will be ridden and will be fired. My shop steward said he can't fire me but as a human being and a young person it does worry me a bit which p is why I've decided to post this. My question to my fellow teamsters is this. What action should I take against this :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:. I've kept my cool in the office and never get mad or retaliate in an aggressive manner no matter what. Should I countine to file for excessive OT (I would file for 9.5 but I can't cuz I'm a aplit driver). Or what action if any should I take? Thanks guys any help or kind words is appreciated.
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    It is very hard to go from being a runner/gunner to a methods driver. Management had become accustomed to your running scratch and knew they could count on you when they needed help. You have now decided to slow down and follow the methods, which is certainly your right, but in doing so you have incurred the wrath of your center manager.

    It will take a while but your center manager will come to realize that you will not be going back to your runner/gunner ways; however, you need to realize that they will be on you like white on rice and will be watching your every move.

    Your shop steward is right in that they cannot fire you but, as you are beginning to find out, they can make your life miserable. This will become worse if you do decide to file grievances for excessive overtime.
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    I fully understand they will be on me like crazy and watching me when I least expected. Ive trained myself to do the job as if a supervisor or manager is sitting next to me at all times. The Handrail and EDD are my new best friends lol. I don't get mad so them trying making my life miserable won't work on me like it would a normal person. I could care less if they get mad or try to intimidate me. I laugh at it all, this whole job is comedy. OSHA is the next place I'm calling about these excessive loads. If UPS making so much money then they can afford to pay some fines for forcing drivers to work in unsafe enviorments. Hence, they can kiss my ass. When does football season start?
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    I'm with you Ammo, I have been a driver for just under 4 years and like you, was a runner/gunner when I started out, crushing routes left & right. I too have slowed my pace, I mean I don't drag but I don't run either. Recently though, in my center we have had a 100% change in management, so the new team doesn't know what I used to do on what routes, so as long as I'm not dragging TOO much noone cares.

    Just keep doing what you're doing, especially how you said you work all day like your center manager is sitting next to you. As long as you do that and follow proper methods, they can't get you for anything
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    Are you still running scratch.? If you used to run scratch and now you are an hour late you will have problems.
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    As a person in management I realize expectations are focused more on quantity over quality, however if I were in your position I would document everything and submit to HR. Management has to take classes that emphasize how to treat employees (we are given the answers and don't actually have to read anything) and threatening them falls under the domain of harassment/intimidation. Most people in management abuse the little amount of peer they are given. Personally, I have combos that make more per hour than I do so I feel that there is no point to bossing a person around that makes a lot more money than I do.
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    Wow that's all the advice you can give this guy. First if you called into the office for performance request a stewards presence you should be talked to like this. Second don't make excuses or given them reasons your late just say "I'm doing the best I can" that's it nothing else. Third if this keeps up you need to file a grievance for harassment. As far as I know your out of luck on the excessive OT grievance. Some locals anyone can file a 9.5 grievance in others only bid drivers and cover drivers get screwed. Please read your local contract and find out your rules. You should know however that cover drivers can file if the bid driver for the route your covering is on the no 9.5 list but you will only be on the
    List for that 1 route.
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    A gunner sees the light!!

    Like said before its hard to go from a runner to a "normal" driver. They now know what you are capable and they will expect that everyday. Like you said just deliver like there is a sup on car because you can bet your @$$ they are spying on you. If they ever ask you what took so long at this stop or that either say "I don't remember" or "looking for a package in the messed up load." When in doubt always say "You don't remember." It's better to say you don't remember then making something up and getting caught in a lie.

    Your knees thank you.
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    Just come in and do the job as you were trained by the methods. Nothing can be done to you if you do the job as instructed. Safety first.

    And next time you get puled into the office about anything you make sure you have a steward present with you. And fight everything.

    Also, for the love of BC, please learn how to break up your post in paragraphs.

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    12 year driving vet here (17 total) and I've learned you will never win anymore at the new UPS but can get a big paycheck.

    For years I would run my route and get out at 5pm (depending on pickups of cover routes), now I bid a route that forced me to stay in town til 6pm. So I would make the extra money and learn how to balance my work effort for the long haul. It would be nice to be out early and that was the apple in front of the horse that made it worth my while. Now if I ended early, id be summoned to take more stops off drivers or go do air meets. Threw the reward of leaving early out the window.

    THEN, the NEW UPS decides to cut routes and pad stop counts which turned my nice route into a 160 stop monster daily. So now I just pace myself and when their cutdown plans interfere with me having a good day, I take the 2 - 2 1/2 hours ot and gladly add it to my check. I make sure if they want theirs, I'LL GET MINE for the effort.
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    Covers are killed in my center. I came back at 9:25PM last night and there were still 3 drivers out! IT'S JULY! I worked 57 hrs last week.
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    Do any of you guys file 9.5 grievances? Geesh!!
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    We are split/cover drivers. The language in the current contract screws us with not being able to file. I have talked to my union guy about it and he agrees it needs to be changed.
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    Recognize your center manager for what he truly is...a frightened, impotent little man who is desperately trying to bully you into working off of the clock so that he will look a little bit better on some silly report.

    Instead of getting mad at him, learn to feel pity for him and the miserable career he is clinging to.

    Adopt the mentality that you can make him more miserable than he can make you. You can win any pissing match he chooses to enter into. You will still be there long after he has been transferred/ demoted/ fired/ gone out on "stress leave"/ whatever.

    He sits behind his desk and does whst he does because he is incapable of doing what you do. He resorts to threats and intimidation because, unlike you, he has no job security and he must justify his pathetic existence at the UPS corpirate trough every day.

    Pity him.
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    THEY EVER SAY YOU WILL BE DECIPLINED FIRED WHAT EVER IF THERS NO SHOP REP CONVERSATIONis oveR theN you go home or where ever you go you right letter of concerm on what was said that letter goes to union then 2 leters of grievance on harrasmen and threats of your job if you have to turn in a letter every day COVER YOUR SELF PAPER TRAIL PAPER TRAIL PAPER TRAIL.
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    what a load of BOLLOCKS! Do the job by the methods and at a safe pace .Drive the speed limit,and take your lunch and breaks .
    If your center manager wants to 'watch your every move' let him! If you are doing nothing wrong there is no need to be intimidated. YOU and you alone determine if you are harrassed or intimidated. Grievances will put an end to that quatsch very quickly!
    My supervisors and center manager dont like me but they damned sure dont harass me. I'd rather be respected than liked!

    It's GOOD you got on the 9.5 list,and when you exceed 9.5 in 3 days FILE. I got a check last week for almost $300 which was the Triple Time paid for excessive OT/.I was over 9.5 every day this past week and Monday i'm going to file,as well as file on Supervisors working. A conservative guess is the check will be for around $800
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    Another great post.
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    I always respond with " that is how long it took working safely and by the methods" .
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    Exactly the attitude I'm trying to maintain lately.

    I wish i could make some money like that. Here there aren't enough drivers on the list so the work is just moved over to another driver that is either too scared to file, in too much debt to lose some OT, or is just greedy. And they do try and harrass the drivers on the list but to no avail.