Small Business Owners Most Interested in Being Understood

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    Survey: Belief Is Strong That Other Small Businesses Make the Best Partners

    Most small business owners want to work with other small business owners who best understand their complex needs, according to a survey recently conducted by The UPS Store ® franchise network in recognition of National Small Business Week.

    Almost 75 percent of survey respondents say it is important to have support from a business resource who understands their issues because they, too, are a small business owner. Yet, only 52 percent of small business owners currently work with such a resource.

    "Every small business owner faces his or her own unique set of daily challenges," said Stuart Mathis, president of The UPS Store franchise network. "Our network is made up of franchisees who serve as a local resource for small business owners across the country."

    The UPS Store survey also revealed that while nearly half (46%) of small business owners would like to work with a local resource who can help make their lives easier, no more than one in four respondents receive any kind of support from a business partner in running their business.

    Additionally, despite the rise of digital advertising and social media, direct mail is still a key marketing strategy for 31 percent of small business owners. Interestingly, larger small businesses rely on direct mail more frequently than others; the more revenue and employees a business has, the more likely they are to use direct mail.

    "The UPS Store offers small business owners a unique blend of scale and intimacy," said Mathis. "Our network reaches into nearly every corner of the country, but every one of our centers operates like a small business, because it is."

    In addition to professional printing services, The UPS Store franchise network offers a variety of services to help with the logistics of running a small business including, mailboxes with a real street address, packing and shipping services, direct mail and notary services.

    To find your neighborhood The UPS Store location, please visit, or on-the-go customers can visit

    Survey Methodology

    The results of the survey from The UPS Store franchise network are based on an online survey of attitudes and habits of small businesses. The study was conducted among 523 small business owners and key decision makers between March 5 and 7, 2012. The sample was drawn from ResearchNow's online small business panel.
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    Most small business owners I know hate working with large companies and especially corporations.

    They think people they work with in corporations are dishonest and bullies and they don't pay their bills on time.