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    I ordered an item yesterday and today my seller said it was dispatched(UPS guy picked it up) in Essex, England, that was about 10 hours ago and the tracking number online still says Billing Information Received(which I presume means not yet picked up). Does the online system take a while to update? Or was my seller lying.

    Also if it was disptached this morning about 9:30-10am would it arrive at my house in Surrey, United Kingdom by tommorow(Thursday), which is roughly 80-90 miles away.

    All answers appreciated, thanks for reading.

    Oh and sorry if this is in the wrong catogory or forum or what-not :P

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    Yes, it will take a while for the info to update.
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    Ah, it's finally updated with a status from 10:36 am this morning saying it arrived at the Bury St Edmond Depot, it only took 7 hours for that message to reach me : P
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    I've noticed that the pickup info takes a while to process but after it's leaving a center it's quite accurate. When it's delivered or got an exception you can see the status within minutes.
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    Normally you wouldnt get a status update when it is collected, the first scan would be when it is scanned onto the outward bound truck from the collection centre, this normally isnt until 7pm in the evening, from there it would go to Tamworth or if your live in the same delivery area of the depot that collected it then it would stay in house and be re-scanned the following morning.
    If it is send standard service then it is normally next day but the service guarenteed, express would be guarenteed by 10:30 the following day