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    can anyone help me... I work in small sort (toledo Ohio) I am a small sort sorter.... Our small sort is set to go into automation (yes I guess we are the last hub to do this) We are getting the GNSS scanners.. Sorters will scan packages then the bin will light up and the baggers will dump the packages into bags and send them on there way.. My question is I am sort Qualified in small sort, It was expressed by management that there will no longer be a sort qualified job and if management is not happy with your performance you can be replaced regardless of seniority or if sort qualified.. anyone can replace me. How does this work and can they really do this....when I asked management what does the union say about that .. I was told other hubs are using this system and thats just the way it is ..... Can anyone shed some light on this subject ....? please help me understand??
    thank :panicsmiley:s
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    The idea is to make it an unskilled job to cut down on misloads. In theory, anyone can log into a scanner and sort since the system tells the sorter where to place the package, thus no sort knowledge is required. Of course, as with most systems UPS implements it fails to take into account human error. If a sorter places a package in the wrong bin no one will know about it until it shows up on a misload report several days later.

    Another aspect of the system is it makes the overall bagging process faster which means less small sort personnel are needed. Here, the lowest seniority employees were dispersed throughout the operation.
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    I understand that , however, I am already making the dollar more because I am a qualified sorter... Does that change?
    Am I no longer the sorter and could be placed into the bagging position? Could I be kicked out of small sort just because or does it go by senority? the supervisor says you can be replaced (if you are the sorter ) do to lack of pph? Is this true... wouldnt that be a production conversation and a no-no? because I asked supervisor what the union's take on this is they now consider me a hostle employee!!!! I've been with UPS for 25 years and have been a Sorter in small sort almost all of that time.. They hate us old folks .....
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    I was told we won't lose the extra dollar for being a sorter. Although once NGSS starts no new employees will get that dollar for sorting. I can already tell after a week that NGSS increases overall productivity but I know there will be more miss loads.
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    I was talking to a small sort sorter about this from my building one day, and the way I understood it is even though the system eliminates the skilled portion of the job if you currently have the extra $1/hr. raise for being a sorter you get to keep it. Only everyone who comes after you will not have the opportunity to get that extra $1hr. later.
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    Thanks Guys....
    If you have the new system Keep me posted on how it is working out
    and again thanks....