Small sorting testing?

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    Hello, I began working at a UPS in Louisville, KY (still not entirely sure if it's a "hub" or not) with this being my second week now. I was assigned to loading and for the most part while I'm still getting the hang of my PPH, it really isn't too bad at this point. But my question is (and I apologize if this has been asked before) how exactly/ who do I ask about taking the sorting test? Also, do I have to wait 90 days for my dollar raise before I can even think about taking it to be bumped up to 10.50 an hour?
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    First of all welcome to the bc. As far as your question goes,it varies from district to district,ask your sup.
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    Thank ya. I'll get around to the introduction section when I can lol. And alright, I figured as much. I just didn't know if that would be "looked down upon" in any way.
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    In addition to asking your sup ask a steward as well. Sometimes the sups don't know the answer. Same with stewards, but if it's in your supplement they'd have a better chance of knowing.