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    With Express going to smaller aircraft, we no longer have as much lift capability in the markets now. While we are burning less fuel, our aircraft are at max capacity and we have to leave freight behind.

    At least once a week we have been getting messages on our power pads that tell us NOT to pup F1 freight unless it has a booking number, and now on Mondays we have had to add an overflow route to deliver the freight that was due on FRIDAY!

    We are failing our customers time and time again, and I have noticed that some customers will no longer ship with us.
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    Seems to be the theme with all the companies. It comes from far above so don't stress it and just work as directed.
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    "I'm sorry, we can't take your priority, very expensive shipments, as we just don't have room on the plane for them."
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    Can't blame 'em. I'm surprised it's taken them this long to figure out that the service sucks.
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    It's been this way with the stations for some time. No surprise that's its going on with flight operations. The idiots in Memphis only see a spreadsheet that tells them this will save X amount of dollars. They have never been in the field and no clue that to do this job properly, it requires a certain amount of extra equipment and personnel. There once was a time when the company was serious about planning for contingencies. Now fedex just flounders around missing customer commitments every time it rains or we have a holiday.
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    It's called mission "Belly up,"
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    It's clear what's happening. Everyone enjoy the ride. I had one today that was relabeled for today's date. Sat all day yesterday in Indy. Falsification at its finest.
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    Speaking of smaller aircraft..... A friend sent this to me today. Looks like Fred was schmoozing with his political buddies in DC today. Photo taken at Dulles Airport.
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    Pro golfers seem to use Global Express to travel from tourney to tourney.
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    I wish I were standing on the ramp...I'd drop my pants, turn around, and give Fred the Big Brown Eye. Eff him and every other tool on that plane.
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    Exactly. Smaller aircraft + increasing volumes= freight left behind. I agree that customers are catching-on to this company and it's customer service lies. Fred can hire an army of apologists (yes, that is you, Dano) to go on social media and LIE about this circle jerk cluster all day...eventually word gets out and they ship with a reliable carrier.