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    Has anyone else been seeing an increase of foul-ups regarding the canvas smartpost bags? Labels falling off, loose usps boxes, etc. Preload doesn't seem to have a problem knowing what truck to send it to without a label! Then we have to haul it over to QA...

    More recently, I've been getting calls from the station to go back and pick up a delivered bag because, while it was properly addressed and delivered to a particular post office, the bag contained packages going to a different state entirely...

    Major pain in the butt!
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    If you're talking about UPS, you're in the wrong place.
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    I haven't seen any Canvas Bags anywhere at my hub.. but I've seen a huge influx in smart-post packages in our regular plastic smalls bags. So ur saying there using like reusable type bags then now?? Will look for them.

    HomeDelivery, as far as I understand it smartpost packages can go be inducted to different ways into the Ground Network. Companies such as amazon that can move complete trailers full of smartpost packages will move directly through the SmartPost Hub network and then filter into the USPS network. But the others do a combination of both. (remember they are separate hubs but smart post still utilizes FedEx Ground Linehaul Trailers to move about the network.
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    9 bags a day, 4 lables missing is
    about the average day. Oh yeah,
    about 120 boxes for that post office,
    plus those bags and those piece, add
    it together there is a route there,
    postoffice is killing us..........
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    Hmm, I've never seen them in anything but these canvas bags with velcro straps. I only see the clear/orange plastic smalls bags is when they, well, have smalls in them.

    They might as well use regular plastic. The shipping labels don't stick very well to canvas! Package Handlers are too stupid to walk it to QA themselves.
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    try to give us some slack (package handlers), often times I will try to take something to QA but my manager just wants me to leave it on the rollers to the last minute during wrapup. Do the canvas ones go directly to a post office?? The ones I'm talking about gets inducted to our automated smalls sorter the new bags are created after there sorted and loaded to the trailers on the load side.