Smith, The Somali Pirate

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    Anyone read the story of the Somali pirates who faced-off against the Russians last week? To make a long story short, they lost, and when the Russians released the survivors of the gun battle and left them in the middle of the ocean in a small boat, the boat disappeared from radar within a few minutes. Hmmm. Wonder what happened there?

    Fred Smith has been like a swaggering pirate with a big gun pointed at us for years. He's been flying the Skull and Crossbones of the "Skull&Bones" society of the rich and powerful just as long. The flag itself is grounds for destruction because it declares that the pirates who fly it are above the law, just like Smith has been.

    This scum has abused us over and over, and now his gun has been taken away. Let's deal with him like the vermin he is and show no quarter. He's had none for us. Stick him in a plane, tie him to the seat, and send it off into the middle of the ocean on autopilot with a full tank of fuel. In a hypothetical sense, of course.

    Apologists, please defend your lord and master.
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  2. Just Numbers

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    Unless I am reading your comments incorrectly Fred is rich, above the law and this scum has abused you over and over after he personally came to you and begged you to work for him and then put you into slavery. Come on now, I really don't care. Take some constructive criticism and drop your ego at the next door. And no, I'm not defending your lord and master as I retired from UPS.
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    fred smith has never delivered one pkg for fed ex. where would he be today if labor never showed up to do the work.

    bottom line, if fred smith does not show up for work ,so what. fed ex still makes profit.

    if labor does not show up for work, fed ex comes to a stand still.

    you built this company for fred smith, why are you so afraid to build something for yourself?

    go union!
  4. Fedex Driver

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    Somali Pirates murder and rob from innocents in the waters and you are upset that the Russians left them in the water?They deserve to die and so do all terrorist.

    Mr Fedex you have sunk to a new low.You are now borderline insane and i have noticed a lot of your recent posts not making much sense.I think Fred is getting to you.
  5. Just Numbers

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    Believe me, I could care less about Fred Smith. My point is that that he took the risk to start up his company not the employees. They only benefited from this. You guys and gals might be upset about things and maybe rightfully so but just remember that you applied for the job and he supplied you with that job.
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    Spoken like a true Tea Bagging Republican.
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    You haven't done much reading, have you? It's called "drawing an analogy". Please go back to school and get back to me when you've advanced your mind.
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    I just realized that I'm going to have to explain my figurative analogy to you in terms you can actually understand. OK? Mr. Smith is a corporate pirate/terrorist/ choose the term. Negotiating with him is an exercise in futility, so he must be dealt with as such. No, I don't literally want to "kill" Fred, or even physically harm the man. I'm trying (apparently in vain) to illustrate that we cannot trust him, make a deal with him, or expect that he's going to come to us with an offer we can't refuse. As others have said, he only seems to understand force. That's why we must unionize, and "kill" him (take him out of the picture) with a legally binding contract.
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    My point is that that he took the risk to start up his company not the employees. They only benefited from this. this kind of thinking is the reason republicans still exist and why the rich get richer.slave your life away for someone else and build them an empire.if labor never, smith's risk would have been futile.