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    Three days and you got to quit. Damn that's a hard reality. I haven't given up drinking but I haven't drank in 5 + weeks. I feel great. I feel like a better man. Kinda like if I had to look God in the eye I could. I'm no quitter but I had to try something different. My daughter Grace just poured out some Kool aid on the ground for her grandpa Bernie. I guess she had seen me do it many times with my beer for the guys I really admire that aren't here anymore. It's a symbolic gesture in the getto for the homies that aren't here. It was also a symbolic gesture as to how I was perceived by the love of my life Grace.

    You management and nonunion hourlies who have to give it up (smoking) you can think that this damn company is a communist. They are but I would instead take this as a symbolic gesture that its time to look at yourselves and the ones who love you. It's time unfortunately. Or are you really fortunate???

    ​God bless
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    I'm so confused right now.
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    I've been smoke free for 3 years now, not because UPS told me, but because I didn't want to die when I blow this popcorn stand after 30.
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    Management insurance changes I believe. They actually tried to tell some reloaders I ran into they had to stop smoking or they have to pay more/into their insurance. Went straight to the reload manager and told him to stop threatening hourlies with management's problems.
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    Are you sure you aren't drinking now?
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    Drink and smoke heavily!
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    He is talking about the changes to the management healthcare plan. One of the changes was a surcharge for smokers as of July 1. This has since been moved back to Sep. 1.

    There is a thread in the Partners forum on this topic.
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    This makes sense. Smokers cost the health care system more, so they should contribute more. This is an issue that puts you free market cheerleaders in a bind. On one hand, you don't want the government telling you whether you can or can't smoke, and you definitely don't want any extra taxes on your smokes. Yet when your health takes a nose-dive because of smoking related issues, you take a big dip out of the socialist, insurance fund. But there are no free lunches, which goes against everything Americans believe and feel entitled to.
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    I disagree Dracula. Smokers pay a lot more taxes and end up dying way too early to collect many benefits. It is those 80 and 90 yo seniors that are bankrupting the system.
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    Yea but the ones that are sick and don't die cost billions in healthcare. I don't know how I feel about this because where do you draw the line? Can soda drinkers be penalized? The list goes on.
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    These management folks are going to be on edge so much they will probably kill each other.
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    I hope members are taking notes about how UPS is devouring their own while we don't face these invasive requirements.
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    I know...doesn't your heart just ache for those bean counters?
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    I heard the surcharge is $150 a month per person. Even if one partner smokes, both are hit with the $150. I guess for second had reasons? $300 bones a month on top of the addiction itself? It's cheaper to do coke!
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    or work PT in the hub.
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    How does the process work at UPS? How can they prove you smoke or not? I know it would be fraud if you lied... But I'm still curious how they cross check that? At my FT job, they made the us have a management member confirm with a signature if you were a smoker or not then turned it into HR.
    I quit years ago, not easy.
    I actually got into a fight on the side of the hwy in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere. Two minutes in, all I could think was "I need to quit smoking"!
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    They smell your fingers.
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    What 407 posted makes perfect sense. This Essay should clear up any confusion.

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    Political idealists must ideally deal, for I daily list my ideals politically. Think about that!!! Brilliant and so east to comprehend.
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    What will prevent the Teamsters from implementing similar policies in the future with TeamCare? The agreement says no increase in premiums during the life of the agreement but some creative lawyers can spin a new smoking surcharge as just that, a surcharge that is not part of the premium. The Teamsters benefit plan is not immune from the healthcare industry cost increases. Don't think it will happen? Nobody throught that this would happen with the non-union plan either...