Smoking my (expletive)

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  1. Lou Dog OG

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    So I never ordered anything on the internet pre-top pay and now I can afford some toys so here we go. 3 weeks ago my first present never had a NI1. I received an email saying it had a failed 2nd attempt. So I'm guessing it was a mistake and no it wasn't. Service cross has a NI1 on the day it was still in transit!!

    Well today I had another toy to be delivered and guess what... NI2. This is hardcore BS. I'm thinking of ratting them out to their manager, what do you think. I live in a pretty big apartment complex and I'm sure that's why they do it but that's not how things should be done. My center has TONS of apts and no one has ever recommended doing this.

    Also, the first time it happened I asked the driver, "why you smoking my ****?" Well, that particular driver was in my center today so it was another driver that did this. Sooo, I'm guessing they have all been trained to treat these apts this way.
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    hmmmm, I thought about this and thought about this and I can't come up with one dang reason anyone would "smoke your ****". The whole thought just creeps me out.
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    lol... I thought all drivers referred to cheating an attempt as "smoking." These drivers are not giving me 3 attempts, they're smoking my first attempt. Or in most cases, a driver finds a package for a stop he did hours ago and the stop has a long driveway and he doesn't feel like taking that long walk again so he scans it (miles away BTW) and sheets as NI1, thus "smoking" the stop. Don't know the orgins of that slang term but it's common in our building.
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    Soaking, and if I were to receive a pkg and do sometimes, I get with the driver before I leave and get it in the morning so I don't worry about it. Just my op. Also, talk to such driver and have him bring it to the office when he comes back to building if you missed him in the morning that way you don't go tracking it down.
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    'Burning' stops here. And, ya, we have some pro's.
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    The best term I've heard is from this site, and that was pretend agains.
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    Dear dog

    I would find it hard to believe that a driver would have your package when it shows in transit. That means it is between centers, not out for delivery. And I know that is part of your point.

    But for what reason would the UPS man want to start with a NI2 with your package. What benefit would he have that would make him put NI2 on it when the package can be tracked and show only a first delivery attempt.

    Only thing I can think of is that you been asmokin some a dat weed.

    Or you have a driver that for some reason is really stupid and should not be working for UPS. While I know we have some really bone headed drivers, I have a really hard time believing what you have posted.

    So unless you provide some better information, I be athinkin da smokin you been adoin is affecting your reality.

  8. Hangingon

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    Or it was a cover driver who saw the service cross with the previous date and sheeted it as a second attempt. I've seen cover drivers do this with old service crosses if they don't look closely at the dates.

    As far as not making service.. well I wouldn't tell my neighbors who I work for if that's the level of service they normally receive.
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    You say you live in a pretty big apartment complex. Do YOU have your name and apt number at the entrance where the driver can find you. Did YOU make sure the shipper included the number on your package.

    I know when I delivered apartments and some one was to lazy to put the name by the buzzer/mailbox/etc so I could find you or didn`t have the shipper include it on the package then guess what? NI1 and back it goes.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    That would actually be NEED APT # but the result is the same.
  11. cachsux

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    Thanks. Nowadays the only time I would worry about an apt building is if my brakes would give out.
  12. fethrs

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    Just curious why you didn't use the work address and you can get it as soon as it gets to the building, I do that all the time and it works just fine.
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    Do driver get drug tested?? never knew, and if you want to smoke just chill at home and do so, do driver actually get stoned and deliver? I would be cracking up if i did that! hahaha
  14. UnsurePost

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    If managers get stoned and manage, drivers get stoned and drive.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Britney--it's fun having you here. You bring a decidely different perspective to the forum. Have you found someplace interesting to place your DIAD?
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    I think the weight (less than 18,000) classifies it in another class than CDL drivers. I think we should be tested( random of course) and there should be no problems with it. The drivers in my center that have class B, get tested every now and then.
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    local804, thats interesting that they drug test the drivers in your Center with a Class B CDL. I have had one for 25 years, and have never heard of that being done around here.
  18. local804

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    Yup, DOT required and randomly selected by a computer. They actually pulled him off the line and brought him up to the bathroom. I would guess it was a doctor or some outside agency, never seen him before.
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    my contract says i have ~three hours to produce a sample. if i have to pee into a cup; i will make 80$ doing it
  20. stevetheupsguy

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    I have a class b, as well, and have yet to be tested, in 13 years. I had a similar situation, just today. I had an add/cut to my car and just threw it in my TP60. When I had space I loaded the pkgs in the car and delivered them. I ended up missing 2 pkgs. I actually pulled up to one stop and while looking for the pkg, the cust comes out and says, you were just here. He says, well not "you", but another guy. The pkg was left on the original car and that driver delivered it.

    After making a few more deliveries, I got to another address where I couldn't find the pkg. After looking a bit, I decided this one must have been left on the original car, as well. After leaving that area I ended up finding this pkg, saying to myself, I'll deliver when I go near that area again as my route runs in concentric circles, so I get many doevers, if necessary. When I finish my pick ups and am ready to head back to the center, I realize that this pkg is still not delivered.

    By now I'm tired and I start thinking about how I'll have to cross rush hour traffic with my TP60 and drive all the way into this neighborhood. Just the thought made me weary. I did think about "blowing" it off, but ended up delivering it. Conscience got the better of me, thank God. The last thing I would want, is to explain to my supe the reason that pkg was still in my car.

    As far as apt numbers, I usually leave those in the rental/leasing office and tell the MGMT person, who then calls the person to let them know they have a pkg, and to make sure they give their apt # to the shipper next time.