Snipes loses

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by moreluck, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. moreluck

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    Pay up...
  2. scratch

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    "At his sentencing in April 2008, prosecutors said Snipes, a Florida native who has a residence in Windermere, had earned more than $38 million since 1999, but had filed no tax returns or paid any taxes."

    What, he doesn't like to "spread the wealth"?
  3. wkmac

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    Or it can be also read this way:

    "Escaped Plantation Slave Wesley Snipes beaten by master for trying to escape. (Or even dare thinking he could) All other unthinking obedient slaves (example, see above)rejoiced at master's display of power in enforcing the plantation system!"

    President Obama and Speaker Pelosi sure appreciate your undying loyality, SLAVE!
  4. moreluck

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    Hey, if I have to pay, all God's chillum gotta pay!
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    What difference would a change of venue have made?

    wkmac, I didn't get the slave reference and found it inappropriate.
  6. over9five

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    There is nothing in the article that says he has to pay up. I would be in favor of "paying up" PLUS jail time.

    It's not a case as Wkmac suggests, it's just an idiot who thinks he's too important to pay taxes.
  7. MrFedEx

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    I love it when "celebutards" get their come-uppance. He belongs in jail.
  8. Lue C Fur

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  9. trplnkl

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    The only part of the 2008 story that I remember is that he was charged with not paying his taxes, no details. I agree that Snipes, just like anyone else, should pay his taxes, however there could be extenuating circumstances.
    Several years ago Willie Nelson was found guilty of not pay "all" of his due taxes and the government seized and liquidated nearly all of his possessions to satisfy his obligations. The kicker was that Willie had an accountant that was stealing from him and not filing complete returns for him. As far as the singer knew all was well until it all hit the fan. His tax problems are now behind him now, he never had any jail time for taxes.
    Not saying that Snipes' situation is anything like Nelson's, but we don't know the whole story.
  10. bbsam

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    There have bee several of these cases litigated in recent years. Why focus on this one moreluck? Other of God's "chillums" (very telling) have made the same arguement as Snipes.
  11. moreluck

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    I'm focused on this one because it made the headlines yesterday and I'm still trying to figure out how someone who made $38 million doesn't think he owes taxes.....he's so special!
    There's another too, but I can't remember if it was Nicholas Cage or not....don't want to get my facts mixed up. But they (stars) think they are not like the regular lowly peons.

    Zsa Zsa broke her hip last night....thats current too. She's 93. I have her autographed book, dahling! Now my 3 stories favor the whites 2 to 1. There's just no end to this equality thing!!
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  13. bbsam

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    Well do their arguements have any merit?
  14. moreluck

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    Where I'm from, You pay now, argue later !!
  15. wkmac

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    Are you really an abolitionist?

    And if you still refuse to understand the chattel property that you are...

  16. Baba gounj

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    • Borrowing a page from patent trolls, the CEO of fledgling Las Vegas-based Righthaven has begun buying out the copyrights to newspaper content for the sole purpose of suing blogs and websites that re-post those articles without permission. And he says he’s making money.

      Gibson’s vision is to monetize news content on the backend, by scouring the internet for infringing copies of his client’s articles, then suing and relying on the harsh penalties in the Copyright Act — up to $150,000 for a single infringement — to compel quick settlements. Since Righthaven’s formation in March, the company has filed at least 80 federal lawsuits against website operators and individual bloggers who’ve re-posted articles from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, his first client.

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