Snow's gone, but some delivery complaints remain

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    Snow's gone, but some delivery complaints remain - Seattle PI

    Late December's big snow is gone, but the package-delivery problems it caused continue to provoke comment -- including hurrahs for the U.S. Postal Service, disclosures by a UPS truck driver about the service's troubles, and yes, complaints that packages still haven't come.

    A UPS driver, who asked not to be named for fear of retribution, said Monday that the company's problems were caused by "poor planning that set the company up to fail this season. I am still apologizing to my customers."
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    Not to under value the USPS but they deliver to boxes on roads sometimes far away from the house. We however have to deliver to the front door. Sometime unaccessible due to the unforseen heavy snow. So in theory our delivery path was impeeded. Maybe we should have flew in mgmt from other areas not impacted from weather to help. Our district did it in the early 2000s to help out Tahoe and Reno one winter