So are misloads really that big of a problem??????

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    I know they are bad for the company/ we lose money. But how many hubs are having that big of a problem. Our center has 2-10 a day, which seems low but, well 10 is bad but from what Ive heard from others on here, some other hubs have a huge problem. Is it really getting out of hand in some places. The worst Ive seen is we had a new guy come in and a manger told me he had over 200 misloads before his 30 days. And well he was transferred to the unload.
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    A misload is always a problem because:
    1 Service failure for the shipper and consignee (service)
    2 Additional handlings cost to UPS (cost)
    3 suspect to damage being rehandled (cost and service)
    4 guaranteed service refunds (cost)

    The most important reason being Number 1 - not meeting the expectations of the shipper and consignee by not getting their packages delivered on time, based on service level selected.

    Every service failure puts UPS at risk of losing a customer, be it the shipper or consignee. And with all the competition we need to keep our customers by providing the best service we can, as all of you do every single day.
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    Is there an echo in here???:lol:
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    2-10 in the whole center?? I get 2-5 in my truck alone and if i don't catch it in the morning i'm the one who has to del it! Thank god it's not brain surgery or there would be alot of stupid people at ups...Oh wait....
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    The amount of missed pkgs since PAS/EDD was implemented has gone through the roof nationwide !
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    And yet letting us drivers start 15 minutes earlier would eliminate about 99% of them.They claim customer satisfaction is the most important thing but we all know this is not true.The most important thing is saving money.If big Mike doesnt get a raise every year,he might leave and go to some other corporate monster.Lets all just bow our heads at the pcm,and just do what we`re told.Its hard to live on $350,000,000 a
    year nowadays.(do I sound bitter?)
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    We have ten to twenty five per day... If someone has three to five a day then that is 75 to a 100 a month...

    Misloads are so damn easy with bad slaps... flip labels... and that 28A sometimes looks like a 29A or 26A when you grab an "optimum carry..."
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    In the 4 years I've been on this edd/pas system, I've had an average of 2 misloads a day. Some days I don't have any, then some days I'll have 8-10 misloads. As a matter of fact, I had 2 today.

    It used to bother me, but I guess I've become so conditioned to seeing them that it doesn't bother me to sheet them as missed now.

    Package visibility... :lol:
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    I usually get 1-2 a day for other routes near mine. But sometimes they decide to move the load to a different slot so it is loaded by a pre-loader who usually does a different city altogether, and I'll get about 2 or 3 for that city. And servicing them is only done however it is convenient for them. Same city misload, they send an air driver to take it out to the correct route driver, different city, it gets left until the next day. But today I had none, not one.......I booked off today
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    The other day there were over 50 misloads on one belt alone, maybe 20 pkg cars. We stink :lol:

    There's big money to be made for air drivers because they're sent out to shuttle them. Doesn't take long to be on over-time at about $40 per hour.

    Seems those silly geese could slow the flow a bit and avoid many of the misloads but the preload manager enjoys cramming the stuff down our throats. He stands at his tower watching preloaders crash and burn, then has the part time sups write them up. What a piece of work. dw
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    They could slow the flow BUT that means the guys in the unload would get more minutes... That means the sorters would get more minutes... Any preloaders with light trucks would get more minutes...

    That all equals more payroll... yeah it's only five minutes but when you figure that for a whole preload over a year could be well over $500 and posssibly over $1000... It really comes down to numbers...

    So maybe you gamble with the chance a customer may complain and possibly loose $15 or $25 on a package maybe over a year loose $300 because of customer complaints... The center may have saved $750 in payroll...
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    Slowing the flow doesn't reduce misloads. You should all post the fpm (feet per minute) of the belts in your operations. You'll find that the misload problem exists at various belt speeds. Boxlines are the best example of this - the packages don't even travel down a belt and there is still a huge missort problem. The problem is that every label looks exactly the same with PAS. Centers under-report the misload problem so the information on the real scope of the problem isn't being admitted to upper management. First thing that has to happen to fix the misloads is for corporate to admit that there's a problem...good luck!!
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    How can they get on our case for integrity problems when the ones
    we are supposed to respect are lying and cheating all the way to their
    next promotion?Doesn't big Mike ever stop counting his money long
    enough to visit the browncafe for a taste of the truth now and then?
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    Most of us are hired from the neck down anyway-it wouldn't matter we think. How absurd to think that an hourly employee could have an idea that would work and benefit the company also:tongue_sm.
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    Exactly. Like I always say, I don't get paid to think. I do as I'm dispatched and leave the thinking to the big boss man sitting behind his desk in a neighbouring city who gets paid to do the thinking, but still doesn't.
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    We don't have air drivers shuttling misloads here, the sups do it. The union won't prevent the sups as long as the preloaders don't get fired for the misloads.

    Sometimes the sup will show up with their personal vehicle packed with misloads.
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    The brown cafe would have to be in the form of a spreedsheet for him to be able to read it.
  20. I don't think mike would be able to handle the truth :wink: