So How Does a Legitimate Thread Get Turned into 'Dancing Cats"?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by DiadTribe, Mar 24, 2013.

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    Is this a powerful tool that a few possess or can we all acquire one?
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    you said toolbeavis-spitting.gif
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    The Internet likes cats.

    What more is there to know?
  4. scratch

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    Only a few of the Chosen have the power to rename and move threads.

    I don't know who moved and renamed this particular one, it was already done when I logged on today. Occasionally when we have multiple threads on the same topic, they are sometimes merged together. An example of this was recently one of the mods merged four different President Obama threads into one on the Current Events forum. This is simply a little housekeeping effort to straighten things up on the site a little bit. There were already two different threads in the Union Forum regarding the conference call, I would have asked your question there. From my initial impression of that thread, it looked like it went off track with videos of dancing cats after the second response or so.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

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  6. barnyard

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    Because the OP started a thread that did not need to be started. If he/she would have gone to the union issues forum, he/she would have seen 2 topics that pertained to exactly what was asked.

    I belong to other forums that are waaaaaaaaay less tolerant of repeatedly posting the same thing. They merge all the same/same threads. I love it and bring that attitude with me here. "Read more and post less" is repeated to noobs until they 'get' it on another forum. It all has to do with improving the signal to noise ratio.

    The OP found his/her answer, so onto dancing cats. Hopefully, we see the same trend on the "hey I got a tour" and "I am starting on .... on advice" threads too.
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    image.jpgThis is Felix. His nicknames are ciggy & frylock.
  8. DS

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    This can be accomplished in many ways.There are some members that enjoy doing this.
    Other than establishing excessive rudimentary rules of conduct ,we are tolerant.
    I have done it myself.God bless me.We have 2 cats,one dances,the other eats.
    What is this thread about?
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    polite golf clap
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    A thread conversion request was sent to Big Babooba Thread Conversion Service. After the proper paperwork is completed and the funds are received, the thread is then converted to the Fortran IV language by Chinese scribes. It is then programmed into our Forbin Colossus computer which determines what the thread will be converted to.

    If you have a thread that needs conversion, please send a certified check for $5280.00 to:
    Big Babooba Thread Conversion Service
    1760 Waddafugizdis Blvd
    Uummannaq, Greenland
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    What would you know?
    You're a Springer Spaniel?
  13. Bubblehead

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    Why do you feel a need to outsource the Fortran IV langauage conversion to the Chinese?
    Secondly; is there any correlation between the price, and the distance in feet for a mile?
    Thirdly, does Greenland not subscribe to the international postal code system?
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    That's Jerry Springer Spaniel !!! Jerry, Jerry.....
  15. Bubblehead

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    Phrase it in the form of a question, that could be an answer to a Jeopardy question.
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    Dog breed talk-show host, Seinfeld expletive?
  17. Big Babooba

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    The Chinese scribe has been living under my cellar stairs for the last 20 years. He makes one kick ass egg foo young!
    It's a cheap marketing ploy. You are thinking too much for your own good.
    It's so damn cold up here that the print heads on my printer froze up when it got to that line.

  18. DS

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    Unfortunately there is no international postal code system.
    This is why ups is having problems implementing PAS in countries that use letters
    instead of numbers.
    Sounds like a no brainer to me .We have computers now.
  19. Bubblehead

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    It's Obama's fault.
  20. Big Babooba

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    Don't listen to him. He hails from the Land of Klein!