So I have been summoned for Jury Duty...


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In my mailbox today was a nice little surprise from the local courthouse requesting me to show up for jury duty. I don't have a problem with this, although its funny this is the 3rd time in the last 4 years that I have been summoned. In the past I never actually had to go because my group number was too high. This time my group number is low enough where I am betting I will actually end up going. My question is since I am an air driver and the DOT requires atleast 10 hours off work before you can drive would jury duty count toward the 10 hour rule? Also, I am combo, so would I still have to work my 2nd shift if I were to get called in? I am pretty certain we get paid for jury duty, and I figured I am not the only one here who has been called. Thanks in advance for the info.


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I had jury duty about 2 years ago. We served for just over 2 days and, yes, I got paid by UPS (8 hours/day) for my time away. It was a nice break from work but it taught me just how screwed up our justice system is. We spent 2 days listening to testimony and then spent 1/2 hour deliberating to return our verdict in a case that was a total waste of time for everyone involved, including the plaintiff and defendant.

I do know that you have to call in and, if you are not to report, then you must go to work. If you do go to jury duty and are sent home before your second shift starts I would think that you would need to call to see if you are to go to work. I would talk to your supervisor to see what he expects of you before your scheduled jury duty begins.


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With the population so high in Southern Orange County, you would think your name wouldn't come up too often. It just amazes me that both my husband and I frequently get the jury summons.

We don't always have to go and it's usually a 'call-in' thing for a couple of days.............but as often as we are picked, you would think we would've also hit the lotto playing the same numbers for the past 17 years. I'm afraid to change those numbers now....they're due.


I am a combination employee that had jury duty last do NOT have to work......UPS does pay you.......i had it for a whole week.....i thought it was pretty cool at first.....then, uh, you realize how tiring it is sitting in the court room day after though i was exhausted........


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I would ask your local Business agent or shop steward for a clarification.Being that you are a combo position,it is a little confusing.