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    So ive been "laid off" since the second week of January, i was laid off last year as well, just not as long as this year... Been with the company 7.5 years and driving for 2.6 years. Ive managed to drive for about 4 days since then, YEAH! I chose to take only one part time shift until things pick back up. Im second to last on the seniority list, and thank god i got called full time, but HATE my situation now. My pay got cut $13/hour, and i barely even work 10 hours, my choice. Just living off my savings at the moment, luckily im young and still live with my parents!

    So im wondering, whats your lay off story? Or maybe you know other laid off drivers in your center?
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    Hang in there Undies,if your young and still with the folks & they don't mind it,try & find a nother P/T job to help yourself a bit & be thankful for all your folks do for you. There will be a light at the end of this tunnel someday & you will be thankful you held on to the UPS job when it bounces back! The others who jump off the Brown ship will regret it someday....Stay the course!!
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    Ditto what Cove says.

    It is very hard for a young person to go out on their own nowadays.
    Make sure you do thank your parents.
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    I'm working, but not every day of the week.

    I've had to call UPS every morning since the beginning of February to see if I'm needed that day. No opportunity to work part time shifts here in my local. Filing for unemployment every week but making just enough money from UPS that I'm not getting any aid yet.

    From what I've been told and overheard, volume is not down from this point last year. They have just cut routes and loaded everyone up.
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    You may want to try to file for unemployment, I was laid off for a while and I qualified for it though I never collected any as I was able to get my hours back. It is very simple to do online and the paperwork arrives in a few days. No more lines to wait in. The laid off cover drives at the hub I work in are double shifting and some just leave when we have too many people and they are not needed. They just take a day off and get paid for hours worked. Good luck!
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    Laid off ups freight driver since dec 15 2008. Hired aug 8 2008. Still waiting to get the call back to work. I have been collecting unemployment and taking classes at the college. Hope they call me before dec 15 2010. The contract say's they cant hire for two years. They have to bring all laid off drivers back first.
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    I'm a laid off driver and currently work the preload and collect unemployment.

    You also might want to read your rider to the nation contract and see how many hours you are guaranteed and a what pay.


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    That sucks! You should go apply for unemployment if only temporary. You may get called back tomorrow but the funds are available for you to draw if you need them. Just do it!
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    I'm laid off this week, so decided to take my vacation week instead of working pre load. I was laid off a few weeks ago and worked am/pm unload/preload. I do not for the life of me know how anybody does this. I was physically exhausted after doing this for three days. I thought driving was a hard job, driving is a walk in the park compared to that. I don't understand why they are laying off guys in my center, there are three centers in my building, and ours is the only one that is experiencing lay offs. I'm thinking it's our new center manager. Anybody else having similar experiences....
  10. UPS has enough volume to give me 160 stops, and 170 to a country driver and the others that are working until 10 pm at night while they have laid off like 3 drivers, I don't mind the OT but it needs to stop.
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    Over 9.5 grievances would help correct this problem...OH WAIT! Management will just deadlock those just like they do all others.
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    There are more tan 10 L/O in my ctr. @ main where other ctrs only have 2 or three our ctr manager just trying to make numbers becuz i can see the over dispatching in the preload and combo guys working in the pm and supervisors also working when they ar not supposed to. In one ctr in our building nobody got laidoff becuz the majority are filing 9/5, if you get enough drivers to do that it creates work and thats less guys laidoff but has to be done consistently so spread the word:surprised:
  13. So after I work 2 more over 9.5 I can sign the 9.5 list I understand that what happens if they still over load me and I work over 9.5 and they are aware that I do not want the extra work and that I have signed the 9.5 list do they pay double for the time over the 9.5...
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    Punctuation can be your friend.
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    Britney--we've missed you!!!!!!!!!!:wink2:
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    I'm so proud of you! You are venturing into the smilie territory a little more often. :wink2:
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    Once you have worked o/9.5 three times in a given week, you can file the grievance. Then you go in to the office and talk to the manager about signing the opt-in list for the o/9.5 language. Then you make it officially known to the manager that you do not want the overtime. After that, any week you work three days or more o/9.5 you file again and are supposed to be paid triple time for all hours over 9.5 for the week. OF course as mentioned above, UPS will just dead lock it all the way to the National O/9.5 committee for a decision on if you will get the penalty pay.
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    My eyes didn't lock into your hints until the last one.