So Iran Won't Get A Christmas Card from Bin Laden & the Boyz!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Apr 22, 2008.

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    That's odd, didn't McCain say that Iran was training Al-Qaeda in Iraq?
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    I think McCain wasn't in the loop when the memo was sent out in late 2001' about this:

    (quoting from the Fox News piece as it quoted Zawahri)

    Since there are those here who feel Fox News is all lies and NeoCon Spin

    Seems also that Zawahri and da Boyz are upset that the theory that Israel did the 9/11 deed came from Iranian and Shia Hezbollah sources in order to discredit the Sunni Al Qaida.

    I've never been one to give much thought to the various conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11, 4 planes, the video, etc. has me satisfied at the moment. Seems to me this should provide a warning that some true sources for such conspiracy may eminate from some nefarious political motives and not about seeking truth of what happened that dark day.

    However, with all that said, it's obvious such regimes as Iraq and Iran having been knocked down to size would benefit Israel greatly just as Libyia was knocked down years ago who was an arch foe of Israel. I say this leading up to another news piece I saw yesterday concerning our friend Israel and how they have treated us in the past.

    Through the years we've had enemies like the USSR, China, Cuba and other communist interests that have spied on us and taken important secrets including military ones. Over those many years, our western European friends like England, France, Denmark, etc. or for that fact Japan Canada, Mexico and many South American friends to my knowledge have never spied on us and always respected our sovernity at least in that realm and even in times when we might have gotten a little heavy hand with theirs.

    As I said, even with the obvious self interests for Israel of an American military presence in the Middle East in the case of Iraq and Iran, their being behind 9/11 seems so far fetched and laughable that Shia interests would spread such nonsense.

    I understand the past is the past and even friends make mistakes with one another but in the piece linked above I read this quote from Yuval Steinitz, a former chairman of the Israeli parliament's Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee i which he said:

    We don't recruit agents or recieved classified material in the US!

    How about, "Under no circumstances or in any shape manner or form will we in any way entertain recieiving classified US material. We respect the soverign right of the US and it's people and value our friendship with them. We in no way will abuse or harm that respect or relationship"

    To hear that would bring me more comfort in this situation and to suggest I'm still a bit concerned about this matter would be correct. And when you consider the much wider picture of the curent events of the region, all matters between the US and Israel should be and remain above board!

    JMO but true friends don't do this to true friends!
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    Al-Zawahri even addressed global warming, saying it showed "how criminal, brutal and greedy the Western Crusader world is, with America at the top."
    He predicted that global warming "would make the world more sympathetic to and understanding of the Muslims' jihad (holy war) against the aggressor America."

    I wonder if he is trying to get Gore to be his next spokesman.
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    Seems the current Israeli spy scandel may have a very interesting wrinkle to it. According to Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer and regular at American Conservative Magazine, the recent revelation of the latest Israeli spy is an intended outting who's purpose maybe to skuttle Israeli/US efforts against Iran. And in fact, the assertion by Israel of no spying since 1985',21985,23590677-5005961,00.html may not be true and that more spying since 1985' will be outted as well.

    This could get real interesting to say the least.

    The skinny on the story from Scott Horton at which covers and links the original story from American Conservative Magazine. Thank's to Scott, Philip Giraldi and especially the man behind AmerCon Magazine, Pat Buchannan. Thanks Pat!