So Now Wearing A White T-Shirt Is Racist!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, May 29, 2011.

  1. wkmac

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    After watching this I can only shake my head at how absurd we've become. But then the good side is that these kids are learning at an early age about the stupidity of the state and it's actors!
  2. klein

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    That's the price to pay to live in a free country, eh ? LOL
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    Is that your low I.Q. one line answer to everything? Go play with your socialist weiner.
  4. klein

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    Name me 1 country that isn't socialist, please do !
    I can come up with Iran, Libya, Yemen, and the USA. If I think more, maybe a few more in Africa and middle east.

    I could be wrong on the above, because the above 3 have national healthcare.

    I think Turkey might come closest.
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    Does a socialist weiner insist that all weiners must be the same size so that some must be hacked and others medically enlarged?
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    They must have the same sperm count, too, don't forget that !
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    You won`t be happy until we do and think the same as you, Comrade Klein.
  8. klein

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    Even Nazi Germany had national healthcare, therefor they were socialist ! :)
  9. cachsux

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    Oh, I`m sorry instead of Comrade I should have said Sieg Heil! ?
  10. Lue C Fur

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    This is really sad...its their graduation photo and they get suspended...WTF!!! All the kids at the school should protest and wear white shirts. The racism and racist word is really being thrown around a lot lately and for the most part its a crock of crap!!!
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    Hitler with a 'dog' !!
  12. toonertoo

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  13. klein

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    He loved that german shepard !
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    He was a dog lover. Couldn't have been all bad...
  15. klein

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    In 1921, Hitler had a dog named Prinz. He purchased another German Shepherd shortly after and named him Muckl. During WWII, he had the well-known German Shepherd named Blondi, and before Blonda he owned a mother and daughter set of Shepherds, both of whom were named Blonda.

  16. cachsux

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    Until he found out it was Jewish.
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    I love German Shepard Pie.
  18. The Other Side

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    What I find absurd is the MIS- take on what actually happened. In the video, the reporter clearly says that the two "white" students who were suspended, were suspended not because of the tshirts, but because they were "alledgedly" involved in a white supremist movement and the T shirts were a statement of that movement. The one "white" kid admittedly says he uses the term "white power" probably as much as he does "black power". Those are his words. Spoken out of his mouth.

    This in itself is enough to make claim that he has some kind of racial intent in his messaging. His group of friends decidedly wore white tshirts to show "uniformity" with each other as did the others who wore pink, or jerseys.

    The color became an issue when its "tied-in" with comments about white power and white supremacy and therefore, the school acted appropriately in suspending them.

    There would have been NO PROBLEM had this "white" student not run around claiming white power or that he and his friends wanted to make a political statement.

    The origination of the problem does not lie with the tshirts as a whole, but the peripheral issue of these boys on campus making racist statements. (alledgedly)

    Whether or not the one student was asian, does not disqualify the claims as "assimilation" is always the case with students. A kid could be asian and hang out with white power freaks as the asian would not be grouped in with hispanics or blacks.

    A sort of "color" neutral sotospeak.

    Happens all the time, in every school with an ethnic minority/white mix of students.

    All these boys had to do was keep their collective mouths shut and there would have been no need to suspend them.

  19. moreluck

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    You get a Shrute buck !!
  20. Nimnim

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    I'm sorry, that doesn't sound like he's admitting he uses white power to me. Not to mention the absurdity that someone who would be a white supremacist ever saying black power.